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Unique to ConvertKit

Side Hustles – One of the more unique things about ConvertKit is that we encourage and support side hustles for our team members. We believe that creativity builds on itself so the more our team members can fuel their passions outside of work, the better they will be at work. Our only ask is that your side hustle isn’t in direct competition with ConvertKit or a pursuit that has a negative impact on your contributions to the team. To see what everyone is up to join the #side-hustles channel in slack.

We don’t see a conflict in supporting a team member’s side hustle and if they have success and want to move on to doing that full time, we support that too!

Open Books – We believe in transparency and want you to know how the company is doing financially. With our open books you can know pretty much anything about the financial health of the business!

Please ask questions and comment if you want to know more of the why behind how we’ve budgeted for the year. We do keep salaries confidential and lump sum them in the open books.

Leaving ConvertKit – If you decide to pursue something you’re passionate about or graduate from ConvertKit, know we will support you!  We’d rather know and help set you up for a successful transition than you feel like you can’t leave or let us know until right before. We want the best for you and realize that sometimes doesn’t mean continuing to work at ConvertKit.

Gifs – We have a little bit of a thing for gifs at ConvertKit. Sometimes it’s just easier to say it in a gif! Just don’t fight over how it’s pronounced.

Craft & Commerce – We hosted our first annual conference in 2017 in Boise, ID. The conference is a place where creators come together to build community, renew their inspiration for their work, and refine the strategies and tactics they’re using to grow their business.

We’ve continued to host C+C in the years since, and it’s been an incredible opportunity to connect with our customers and listen to some amazing speakers. We try to have members from different teams attend, so if you’re interested in coming, let us know!

I Am a Blogger – How many software companies can say they’ve filmed a documentary? We have! Telling the stories of our customers is so important to what we do! In 2017 we traveled the US and captured 17 stories in both a documentary and a coffee table book. It’s the best way to learn about the diverse backgrounds of our customers.

We are continuing this project in 2020 under the I Am a Creator (IAAC) name. Our coffee table book is in the works, you can watch our IAAC stories here and listen to the IAAC podcast here.

Creator Sessions – Creator Sessions is our free, weekly live series featuring different ConvertKit creators sharing their talents with the world. Our mission with this is simple – bring joy, cultivate community and give creators the platform they deserve. You can watch catch up on all our Creator Sessions on our YouTube channel.

Book Club – We have an optional book club that’s led by someone on the team. It initially started as another way to learn and connect with each other by reading a business-related book. It’s a fun, relaxed way to share with one another both professionally and personally. We do this via Zoom in groups of 5-6 that are varied across teams for an hour every two weeks.

In previous book clubs we’ve read Anything You Want, Rework, Predictable Success, and Radical Candor.

Team and ConvertKit Blogs – In years past, everyone on the team contributed to our Work in Public blog. We covered all kinds of topics, from new features to lessons learned during a big change to how we do team retreats. To keep our voice unified, Dani handled all the post scheduling, editing and image coordination with designers.

Currently, the Engineering team shares their ways of working with the world through the Engineering blog. The team has shared posts about what it's like to work on our engineering team to improving the accessibility of ConvertKit to how much we spend on AWS. If you’re interested in contributing, reach out to Grant for information and direction.

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