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How to use Reddit to engage your audience

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Everyone talks about how great Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have been for their blog growth, but how many people say the same about Reddit?

While business-related Reddit testimonials may seem few and far between, many creators miss out on a chance to connect with highly engaged users who are already starting industry-leading conversations.

It doesn’t hurt that Reddit is one of the top 10 most visited website in the world.

Yeah, you read that right.

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When you visit Reddit for the first time, you might be surprised to hear it’s as popular as it is. Reddit’s user interface may not be as pretty as Facebook or Instagram, but its 250 million users love interacting on Reddit threads regardless of the design.

At first glance, Reddit seems noisy and easy to get lost in if you don’t know what you’re looking for. However, if you know the basics of how to use Reddit for your business, you can dig for some serious treasure.

Why use Reddit for your online business or blog

Reddit was built to be a discussion-based platform, making user engagement its number one priority. After you sign up for an account, all you have to do is create a text, video, or image post and pick a subcategory, which is called a “subreddit”.

After choosing a subreddit, you’ll publish the post and wait for the upvotes to come in. Other social media platforms have “likes”, but Reddit is based on a voting system. The more upvotes a post gets, the higher it jumps on the subreddit page. The highest upvoted posts are seen on the Reddit homepage, which is the ultimate goal of any user.

You can find discussions on anything from politics, to gaming, to cute and cuddly photos of animals. For more business focused topics, there are subreddits about business news, entrepreneurship, and blogging.

But it’s not enough just to post on Reddit. You’ll also want to make ample time to interact with other users on the platform. It’s a very active and social platform, making it a great place to share new blog posts and build a community around your blog. Now that you are warming up to the idea of using Reddit to market yourself, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Reddit demographics

Sixty-nine percent of Reddit users are male, making it a favorable platform for people who want to connect with a male user base. Fifty-eight percent of users are between the ages of 18 to 29, so topics generally focus on things that affect Millennials. It’s not surprising then that 40% of users access Reddit on a mobile device.

Key benefits of Reddit

There are two kinds of post types on Reddit: links that direct traffic to a separate third-party website and text posts that stay within the Reddit platform. It’s great to build to your Reddit social media marketing strategy to include both because links help you increase your blog traffic while text posts allow you to share helpful advice to build your credibility.

Since Reddit is built on the voting system, you can directly see how well your content is performing with Reddit’s audience based on the number of comments and upvotes you get. The potential to go viral on Reddit is high, especially with it being the eighth most visited website on the web.

With so many subreddit categories to choose from, you can easily find conversations that are relevant to you and your business. It’s even better if you interact as a personal brand on behalf of your company because Reddit users want to connect with other real people.

Now that we’ve talked about some benefits of Reddit, we can’t forget to talk about how to avoid getting banned on the platform. Reddit will quickly ban any account that looks like a spammer, so here is how to keep in Reddit’s good graces, as shared by Dream Grow:

  • Never submit the same comment multiple times to different subreddits
  • Don’t only submit links to your website
  • Don’t ask for upvotes
  • Steer clear of illegal content
  • Don’t share anyone’s private information
  • Don’t be overly promotional

reddit how to avoid getting banned

How to use Reddit for your business

Now that you know the benefits and demographics of Reddit, you can decide if interacting on their social platform is worth your effort. Before you dive right in, let’s talk about some unique ways you can drive traffic and increase brand awareness through Reddit.

How to use Reddit in existing threadsInteract with threads that already exist

Instead of wondering what you should post, you can jump into a conversation that’s already happening on Reddit. In the blogging subreddit, we found a user asking about the best advice for new bloggers. This would be a perfect opportunity to contribute to the conversation and gain upvotes.

Pro tip: As you get used to posting on Reddit, we recommend replying to five different threads for every post you publish. This will help you get in the habit of using Reddit not only to market yourself but also interact with people through the comments.

How to use Reddit adsUse Reddit ads

Even though Reddit’s website design isn’t inherently visual, it makes their ads really pop. Since Reddit users are so engaged with the platform, they are sometimes more receptive to ads than on other social media platforms.

Just like with Facebook or Instagram, Reddit allows you to target specific audience groups and track how well your ad is performing. All ads are centered around a central objective, whether that is visibility, engagement, or most often, conversion. To see Reddit ad case studies, look at Toyota and Coca-Cola for examples.

How to use Reddit for customer serviceUse Reddit as a hub for customer service

When buyers are frustrated with a service or product, they don’t always take it directly to a review website or to the company. Sometimes they will post about it on social media or forums like Reddit. Being active on Reddit will allow you to approach these types of comments that would have otherwise gone unaddressed.

Outside of negative commentary, you can also use Reddit as a place to provide answers to potential customer questions. Simply search for keywords that have to do with your product or service in the Reddit search bar and reply with your answer.

How to use Reddit to hire employeesFind your next hire on Reddit

Many users flock to Reddit for career development advice as they enter into a new job search. Since the user intent for finding job opportunities is so high on forum sites like Reddit, it can be a great place to start making connections.

You can browse the user’s history to see if they interact with subreddits that are in your related industry and reach out to them if you’re interested in them applying for a new position. You can also post a job opportunity in the industry specific subreddit for more qualified candidates or the general jobs subreddit.

How to use Reddit amaDo an AMA

AMAs, which is an abbreviation for “ask me anything”, give you the opportunity to answer live questions that come directly from other Reddit users. Celebrities and public figures like Bill Gates, Keanu Reeves, and even President Barack Obama have appeared on Reddit AMAs, but you don’t have to be well-known to host an educational and successful AMA. You can get started in the AMA subreddit.

Number one rule on Reddit: Put community first

The most successful creators that know how to use Reddit are those who view the website as a community, not merely a traffic driver. By seeing Reddit as a hub for highly engaged people interested in your industry or share your same skills, you can start using the platform for what it was intended to be used for: facilitating helpful conversations.

If all you do on Reddit is post your weekly blog post on various subreddits, you won’t see a ton of upvotes pour into your profile. Instead, try to give value before you make the ask. This is the best strategy for any kind of social media platform.

Have you ever used Reddit for your business or blog? After this article, are you tempted to use it to increase your blog traffic and collect market research? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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