Issue #7

Building Your Business: How to Create an Online Course

From idea to launch, learn how to create an online course and what it actually takes to earn a living creating online courses.

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Everything you know.

Think about that for a minute. What are all of the things you know that you had to learn along the way?

Make a list, if it helps. Here are a few from mine:

  • Throw a dinner party
  • Start a blog
  • DJ a dance party
  • Find a mentor
  • Smoke a pork shoulder
  • Conduct a podcast interview

I could keep going, but I don’t want to bore you. What does your list look like?

Now think about what other people would value… perhaps even value enough to pay money to learn. Cross everything off your list that no one would be willing to pay to learn.

I bet you still have a decent number of items left on your list.

That list is the list of topics you could start a blog about. Or even better, a list of topics you could create an online course about. And online courses, well, they’re the bread and butter of many blog-based businesses.

Your blog is not a business. It only becomes a business once you start making money. And to start making money, you need a business model that makes it clear what you plan to sell to your customers. Until then, you’re just playing business (which is fine, but I’d rather you make money!).

In this month’s issue of Tradecraft, we’re covering how to create an online course, from whether it’s right for your business to researching your course topic to building a course curriculum to selling the thing once it’s made.

If you do it right, an online course can accomplish a lot all at once:

  1. You can grow your knowledge and cement your learning on a topic
  2. You can help other people learn a thing that’s valuable to them
  3. You can turn your blog into a business (or add another income stream to your existing business)

Knowledge. Impact. Money. Sounds pretty good to me. Online courses might be the way to make it happen in your business. Let’s find out.

– Barrett