Issue #1

The Many Faces of Online Products

Adding products to your blog offerings doesn’t have to be stressful. In this issue we’re sharing the ins, outs, ups, downs, and everything in between when it comes to building and selling digital products of all kinds on your blog.

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A blog is not a business.

If there’s one thing I had to learn the hard way when I started my first business, it was this lesson. Since shutting down that business years ago, I’ve seen the same story played out time and again in the blogging industry.

The story typically goes something like this: a person discovers blogging for the first time while sitting in their cubicle at their day job or waiting on the kids to get home from school. They get lost in this new world they’ve discovered, reading everything they can find on the subject.

They get their nerve up, buy a domain, and start a blog. They’ll worry about the money part later — the goal from the outset, as we learned in the State of Blogging Report, is simply to have a creative outlet… And then they wake up a year later wondering when the money part was supposed to happen. Did they miss a step?

Well, yes, they did. They forgot to make a product or service.

At some point, every professional blogger has to turn the corner from blogger-looking-for-a-creative-outlet to entrepreneur-trying-to-build-a-profitable-business. The key change along the way? Start making money by building a product or service and selling it to your audience at a price that makes sense.

Maybe you’re on that journey right now. Perhaps you just cracked the code on making your first dollar. Or maybe your business just finished its most profitable year ever. Regardless, understanding the many faces of online products is the key to turning any blog into a business and growing that business over time.

A blog is not a business. But a blog is one of the best ways to build an audience that will buy the products and services you have for sale. Step one: make your first or next product or service.

In our inaugural issue of this monthly publication, we cover the myths of passive income; how to go from idea to finished product; the many types of online products, from services to digital products to software to physical products; and how to price, launch and sell your products once they’re built.

In other words, we cover the fundamentals of turning a blog into a business. There might not be a more important topic when it comes to helping you make a living as a professional blogger.

Here’s to your success that lies ahead.


Barrett Brooks and The ConvertKit team

PS: In this month’s issue you’ll read the fantastic writing of Dani Stewart and Val Geisler. Additionally, you’ll find beautiful illustrations and design courtesy of Charli Prangley and Dylan Feltus. And anything you don’t like, you’ll find courtesy of me. We welcome your feedback on this new blog format and I hope you’ll send it directly to me here.