How Khe Hy of RadReads maintains a +50% open rate with his 27,000+ subscribers

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Khe Hy—the creator behind RadReads did the unimaginable: he left his Wall Street job in 2015 without a plan of what he’d do next. Despite that, he did something that ended up changing his life: he emailed 36 people and grew that small list into an audience of 27,000+ people over the next five years.

RadReads subscriber growth trajectory
The RadReads subscriber growth trajectory.

And here's how.

How Khe uses evergreen automations to maintain an engaged email list

Building a community is all about having an engaged email list and finding the best way to connect with your audience. Here is the 3 step system Khe uses to build an engaged list of 27,000+ subscribers with a 53% open rate (which includes marketing and launch emails!).

Create dedicated lead magnets for every topic

Khe attracts readers interested in topics like GTD productivity method, Notion, and a concept he calls $10K work. For each topic, he offers a dedicated lead magnet (some of which convert at a 12% conversion rate!).

One way he does this is by creating dedicated landing pages for any partnerships he does. For example, when he presented a tutorial as a guest on the Keep Productive YouTube channel, he used a ConvertKit landing page to give Keep Productive viewers the free template he talked about in the video:

Khe Hy Keep Productive
Khe’s landing page for Keep Productive viewers. Image via RadReads.

Like the look of that landing page? Grab it for yourself

After a reader opts into his list, Khe sends an engaging welcome email to let the reader know a bit about RadReads, what to expect in the future of his newsletters, and even asks readers to tell him a little bit about themselves.

RadReads welcome email
The RadReads welcome email.

These initial quick wins with personalized content and an intro into Khe's universe create the kind of perfect first impression that makes new readers feel seen and welcome.

Create email sequences based on where subscribers came from

With all his dedicated landing pages and lead magnets, Khe has built a wide net of resources to attract his readers. He uses automated sequences to send hyper-targeted emails to his new subscribers based on how they entered his email list and their interests:

Khe Hy ConvertKit
Khe’s sequences in ConvertKit.

As you can tell by these numbers, this works. Khe’s standard welcome email has a high open-rate—an excellent 70%—and other emails based on lead magnets have as much as an 88% open rate!

If we dive into the longest sequence on this list, here’s what we’ll find:

RadReads Notion
Khe’s Notion onboarding email sequence.

This 10-email sequence attracts engaged, curious subscribers—the open rate remains around 50% even at the end of the sequence, giving Khe more opportunities to build trust with his audience.

Set up visual automations to nurture subscribers and launch courses

And to put all his landing pages and sequences together into an evergreen system, Khe uses ConvertKit’s visual automations to connect different triggers, sequences, and events.

If we step back and look at his Notion onboarding automation—one that nurtures subscribers interested in Notion resources—we can see it triggers the sequence we looked at earlier in five different ways (think landing pages and forms placed in different resources):

Khe Hy ConvertKit
Khe’s automation for nurturing Notion-specific segments of his audience.

Send dedicated content to your audience with ConvertKit automations

To have a toolkit like ConvertKit at your disposal is so powerful. ConvertKit is dynamic, modular, and easy to use. It really understands and anticipates the needs of people like me. I'm selling and following up. And I can do it in a way that's enjoyable- I log into ConvertKit and it makes me happy to be there

Want to see your open rates increase?

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