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13 landing page best practices to help you make a mark on the internet

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The internet is a constant force. A never-ending, all-consuming, stimulating space of new and old information that is updating every millisecond.

And as creators, our job is to make our mark on it.

That can feel a little (okay, REALLY) overwhelming.

But the daunting nature of the internet is the very thing that also makes it our greatest asset. It’s a never-ending, all-consuming, stimulating space where we can share our brand, every millisecond.

A recent study found that U.S. adults spend nearly half a day interacting with media- 11 hours and 6 minutes to be exact. And while the reality of that is a little astonishing, I see it as a major opportunity, and you should too!

Want to know why? Because we are creators.

And as creators who are determined to leverage the full force of the internet in our favor, we have to create content as though our lives depend on it. Because, well, they do.

If you’re wondering how to start leveraging the full force of the internet in your favor, you need to know two words: Landing Pages.

Share your next big idea with a landing page

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What are landing pages?

Landing pages are hosted web pages where new visitors and existing members of your audience can learn what your brand offers. With landing pages, visitors have the chance to subscribe to your content and/or product in exchange for an email address.

Why are landing pages important for your business?

Easily accessible and hyper-focused with your branded pitch, landing pages serve as a superior lead generating machine for your business.

Think about your own recent Google search- you enter your keywords into the search bar and in seconds, you’re shown thousands of pages that Google deems relevant to your search.

Overwhelm inevitably sinks in as you begin sifting through the pages wondering, “Is this the best answer to my question?” As a consumer, you’re looking for a relevant and quick solution.

Observing your own consumer habits is a great way to anticipate prospective needs. Since you know the journey of a consumer, you know exactly what they need, and you know what they don’t need.

And because you’re a brilliant creator, you know the perfect solution can be best pitched in a purposefully made, single-focus landing page.

When you implement our landing page best practices, major moves between your brand and your audience take place:

  • Your pitch is clearly presented to your ideal prospect
  • Your offer is immediately delivered to prospects
  • You target the fundamental need of the consumer
  • Your audience engages in your content (Basically giving you a cheat sheet to all their needs)
  • Your email list grows (Ya, baby!)

At ConvertKit, we know that landing pages are one of the most successful conversion tools. That means knowing how to use landing pages is essential. Let’s jump right in.

How to use landing pages

If you want to create landing pages that convert ordinary visitors into engaged audience members and paying customers, you have to first understand how to use landing pages and landing page best practices. Here are four great examples of landing page uses:

Promote a product or service

If you’re promoting a product, selling a service, or even introducing an upcoming project, a landing page serves as the perfect place for visitors to effortlessly consider your pitch for their needs.

Promote a product or service with a landing page
Fearless Co. landing page to pre-order the Celebrate Her calendar

Deliver an offering

You can also use landing pages to promote your more creative content and services such as an evergreen webinar series, online course, or hosting a meetup.

Whether your offering is a free lead magnet to help you grow your list or a paid product, making the delivery feel effortless is important to build trust with your audience. Our incentive emails make uploading and delivering your offering just a few clicks away.

Deliver an offering with a landing page
Megan Minns' landing page for her free journaling worksheet

Establish your brand

Your landing page also serves as a profile for your brand. While displaying your pitch, you’re also informing visitors of your brand’s identity, which builds trust between you and your audience.

Say thank you

Last but certainly not least, a landing page secret weapon is to pose as a “Thank you” page. By directing those who are already keen to your brand to a thank you page with another pitch and offer, you have the chance to multiply your sales and create greater customer loyalty. It’s a win-win!

Use landing pages as a thank you page
Meet Edgar thank you page that also leads to more information

13 landing pages best practices

By now, you’ve learned how to use landing pages, but now let’s turn our attention to landing pages best practices.

By implementing some of these best practices, you can create landing pages that effectively communicate a targeted pitch with a solution for your visitor.

Clean theme

We all want one thing: conversions. But did you know the theme of your landing page is vital to your conversion rate?

In order to make an impact on a visitor, we need to create a landing page that is aesthetically pleasing in its design, simple in its functionality and clear in its messaging.

Instead of displaying multiple offers with vague suggestions, hone in on a single theme that clearly displays your solution. And with a simple design and easy-to-follow offer, you’ll lead your subscribers right to your clear call-to-action.

And because ConvertKit fully backs this tip as the superior landing pages best practices, we’ve created multiple themed templates for our customers. The ConvertKit landing page template library makes it easy to customize templates that are sure to convert.

Use a clean landing page template
ConvertKit landing page templates

And if you have several different offers you’re wanting to pitch, create a landing page for each offer. It’s proven that having 30 distinct landing pages converts more than seven times the leads than what 10 vague landing pages will convert.

The call that matters most: The call to action

Mastering how to use landing page best practices wouldn’t be complete without clearly defining what a “Call to Action” is.

A “Call to Action” aka “CTA”, is an actionable statement designed to get an immediate response from the person reading your landing page.

That means the starting point of converting visitors to customers is to fully understand the singular significance of your landing page’s call-to-action.

Know this: your CTA is crucial to your conversion rate, so your landing page’s CTA needs to be crystal clear.

This landing page best practice could easily be considered the top practice because it is often the first step of a conversion funnel. If visitors don’t respond to your pitch, it’s very possible that you’ve lost them as a lead forever.

Some examples of highly converting CTA’s include phrases like:

  • Book your next adventure today!
  • Grab your free ebook now!
  • Sign up for the early bird prices here
  • I want the Whole 30 recipe book

Make your CTA persuasive but not overly aggressive. Your goal is to make your mark online, and that starts with a trusted offer to build customer loyalty.

Brand your landing page

Creating an offer that is in line with your brand’s identity will create consistency which creates customer loyalty and trust- two aspects that will make or break your brand. Create your landing page by implementing your brand’s colors, creating copy that support’s your mission statement, and a call-to-action that solidifies an exchange.

Pro tip: If you’re still trying to figure out your brand’s visual identity, start by understanding what you and your brand stand for.

Keep it simple

When creating your landing page’s content, keep in mind that your reader will be asking themselves if your pitch is the right solution in just seconds.

To quickly and effectively communicate your pitch to your audience, use:

  • Bolded and/or colored text to isolate your offer
  • Bullet points to encompass the depth of your offer
  • Images that provide a deeper explanation

These simple tips ensure high conversion rates at lightning fast speed. #Winning

Your audience will tell you everything

As a creator, you know that your business’ primary focus is your audience. When they talk, listen. When they engage, take note. Their response to your content truly has the power to elevate your business to new heights.

Your visitor’s journey is a key component in knowing how to use a landing page. Being keen on their experience means you’re anticipating their past, present, and future needs.

Your landing page should offer solutions that benefit where your visitors are at the time they visit your page. You wouldn’t offer a master class on cooking Wagyu beef to a newly pledged vegan, would you? What about offering a CSS coding course to someone interested in setting up an email account? Nope.

Remember, you can create multiple landing pages with specific offers through the subscriber’s journey. Because you’ve acknowledged their preferences and created content to fit their needs, you’ll be able to present them with even more options to partner with your brand later down the road!

ConvertKit highly values this practice, so much so that we created an entire feature focused on your audience’s journey. Visual automations allow you to nurture your audience while offering catered content to their needs.

A picture is worth 1,000 words

We all know this is true. So let’s honor this sacred fact in storytelling and marketing and get some strong conversions!

Marketing takes on a powerful form with imagery, so it’s no secret that the most effective visual elements in landing page are:

  • Graphics
  • Illustrations
  • Photography

No, seriously! The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. That means content that speaks directly to our eyes has a massive impact of what we consume.

Landing page best practice 101 is to convert ordinary visitors to engaged subscribers and customers, and visual elements will do that naturally and effectively.

In April 2019, we hosted the 30 Day Landing Page Challenge encouraging the use of landing pages to grow email lists.

The winner, Kara Lyndon created a page that paid special attention to playful imagery.

Use strong imagery for her landing page
Kara Lyndon‘s landing page for her free guide.

Her landing page featured a lighthearted picture of herself enjoying a moment of indulgence while offering a way for others to enjoy the sweeter things in life guilt free. You can see her message expressed clearly in her photo, leaving less of her pitch to be made in the copy.

A video is worth 1,000,000 words

Okay, maybe that’s not as common of a saying, but it has a nice ring to it! The real metric, however, is astonishing.

In 2019, videos on landing pages were proven to increase conversions by 86%!

Video will do the talking for you (literally!) while relaying communication, trust, and expectation in just seconds.

And just like what we mentioned about concise copy, landing pages that feature video should be precise and clear. Scripts are helpful for those of us who are a little long-winded (wink, wink).

To make this landing page best practice a no-brainer, ConvertKit created a landing page template specifically for videos! Our “Academy” landing page template features a video embed field for you to share your pitch with some fancy footage.

Use video on your landing page
Craft + Commerce landing page video

Try ConvetKit’s video landing page for free for two weeks here!

Testimony= TestiMONEY

This pun is very intended. The power of storytelling is mighty. Audience testimonials and case studies are considered to be the most effective content marketing tactics by almost 90% of B2B marketers.

If you’re wondering how to successfully use landing page best practices to make your mark online, then you need to implement real-life success stories from your customers who already love you.

Featuring testimonies from clients and customers whose needs were met far beyond their expectations will do several things:

  • Build your credibility
  • Create hope for the new visitors
  • Build customer loyalty

Social proof: It’s who you know

It’s no secret, social influence is a mega player in today’s marketing world. Now more than ever, major labels are turning to niche social media content creators for their marketing strategies simply because of their unparalleled influence on their audience.

In fact, these niche social media content creators are so great at getting results, they’ve earned a new title in the marketing world: Influencers.

When engaged audience members see their favorite influencer collaborating with other brands, they’re very likely to trust, engage, and consume whatever it is the influencer is sharing. Whether they know of the brand or not is completely irrelevant.

One of the best ways to implement social proof in a landing page is to:

  • Feature icons of well-known brands you’ve worked with.
  • Share testimonials from happy clients
  • Create collaborations with other known brands to leverage their audience

For example, on the ConvertKit homepage, we feature eight of the most popular web-based services that we integrate with simply by sharing their logo. And because these services range in functionality from content management systems (WordPress) to integrative applicators (Zapier), ConvertKit’s reputation for a highly-capable service increases exponentially.

Social proof is good to put on your landing page
Social proof example from ConvertKit

Sharing is caring

If the world is online, the currency is social media engagement. I’m talking likes, comments, retweets, direct messages, and shares.

If you don’t have an active and engaging social media presence, you need to stop what you’re doing and create the following accounts ASAP: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Social media is one of the most effective ways to create customer loyalty. As you invite visitors and customers into the day-to-day space of your brand you create transparency and opportunity for consistent dialogue.

Featuring linked icons of your social media accounts on your landing page will act as an invitation to your visitors. And rather than opting into your pitch and returning to their daily tasks, they can scroll your feeds and learn even more about your brand. #WinningAgain

Copy, copy, copy

Copy is essential to your landing page. As the literal language that carries your pitch, it’s imperative that your copy is enticing, persuasive, and direct. Landing pages are not the place for riddles and cryptic messages.

Instead, you need to create your copy with such clarity that its message is undeniable. Here are a few copy tips for your landing page:

  • Lead with a question
  • Use actionable words
  • Keep it concise
  • Focus on benefits instead of features
  • Choose clarity over creativity
  • Don’t link out

Meet your metrics

When we first began the journey of making our creative mark online, we talked about the need to create quality content as though our lives depended on it.

As creators, we’re up against lofty goals, intense passions, crippling obstacles, and major decisions. Sometimes, it can be difficult to quantify those things. After all, how do you quantify passion?

I’ve got one word for ya: Metrics.

Metrics offer quantifiable data into every ounce of energy you put toward your business. Whether it’s understanding email open rates, the prime times to post on your social media accounts, or the best way to run the most profitable product launch, metrics reveal which marketing practices will optimize every aspect of your business with in-depth numbers and data.

With true metrics, you no longer have to shoot from the hip with your marketing strategy. Instead, your decisions will be calculated and intentional. The best way to measure the success of your landing pages and overall marketing strategy is by making it a common practice to know your metrics.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with metrics, that’s why we’ve listed the most valuable metrics in email marketing and how to understand your metrics:

  • Deliverability rate
  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Email ROI

After you’ve implemented the landing pages best practices, metrics will reveal even greater insights into landing page optimization. Checking your landing page’s views and conversion rates will help you determine the most successful strategy for your landing page.

Grow with SEO

From picking a template to creating copy that converts, it’s time to hit publish on your landing page after this final step: SEO.

SEO (Search engine optimization) allows you to turn your landing page into a major portal for leads by using keywords. Basically, good SEO practices ensure your carefully curated landing page will show up higher in searches.

And because we want to convert visitors into leads and leads into customers, it’s crucial to abide by SEO standards so those visitors can find your page

You’re ready to make your mark with landing page best practices!

By now you know exactly how to make the most of your landing pages with these 13 landing pages best practices. And that mission we had 13 steps ago- you know the lofty one where we learn to leverage the full force of the internet to make our creative mark on it? Well, it’s officially in your hands now!

I believe in you wholeheartedly, and to show you just how much I believe you, here’s one last big tip in creating landing pages that convert:

Use ConvertKit free for two weeks to create your own business-building landing page.

You can create your own landing page in less than 5 minutes with the help of our landing page templates! And because our mission is to help creators like you, we’ve made your landing page building process easy by implementing each one of these landing pages best practices into our templates.

If you’re not sure where to begin, start with the people who are already dedicated to following you: your subscribers!

Using visual automations, you can funnel your subscribers into an email sequence that leads to a landing page!

Watch how the startling power of a landing page will develop customer loyalty like nothing else and convert your existing subscribers into highly engaged leads.

Create a free ConvertKit account use landing page best practices to fulfill your mission of making your mark on the internet!

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