Product Creation Masterclass

Build Your First Product and Earn Your First Dollar In 30 Days
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Join us as we walk through every step it takes to create a successful product from scratch. Product Creation Masterclass is a four week long project consisting of lessons sent straight to your inbox, Monday through Friday. That’s 20 lessons full of impactful case studies and instructional how-tos to help you create your first product and start earning money.

About the Product Creation Masterclass

The biggest struggle with making a living online happens in those first few steps – creating a product that you believe in and provides value for your customers. To help you push through this initial step to move forward with your business, we’ve created the comprehensive guide to building a product from scratch.

Join us as we walk through each step of product creation from planning to launching. In just four weeks time, you’ll receive daily lessons, expert interviews, and live trainings that will help you develop, create, and sell your very first successful product.

Why is it free?

At ConvertKit, we believe that everyone has something unique, powerful, and influential to teach. That’s more important now than ever before because the more awesome things created by people like you, the better our world becomes. And we want to be a part of that process.

The more you understand how to transfer your valuable knowledge into something people can use to enhance, empower, and enrich their own lives, the better equipped you are to be a world-changer. We built this masterclass to show you how that’s done. We want to be the catalyst to create a community of makers that love their work and help others do that same.

Basically, the world needs awesome people like you to create, so we’re here to help you do that.

The Masterclass Content

Week One

Product Planning

  • Narrowing Your Niche and Ideal Customer Avatar
  • Type of Product to Create
  • Validating Your Product Idea Before the Creation Process
  • Intentional Goal Setting for Your First Product and Clarifying Its Purpose
  • Creating an Ideal Timeline for All Product Tasks
Week Two

Product Creation

  • Creating a Content Outline
  • How Much Content Do I Need to Create?
  • Planning a Sustainable Creation Process to Consistently Get Work Done
  • Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Email List with Subscribers Already Interested in Your Product
  • Building a Product-Driven Wait-List and Select Beta Testers
Week Three

Product Testing

  • Send Survey to Beta Testers for Quality Feedback
  • Edit Existing Content Based on Beta Tester Survey
  • Finding the Right Price for Your Ideal Customers
  • How to Position Your Product
  • Discovering Existing Communities to Bring Your Product Into
Week Four

Product Launch

  • Building Confidence in Talking About Your Product
  • Creating an Irresistible Sales Funnel for Your Product
  • Writing a Launch Email Sequence that Converts
  • Creating Urgency with Your Product Launch
  • Increasing Product Sales Through Webinars, Affiliates, and Other Marketing Tactics

Interviews from experts

We’ve set a stellar lineup of industry experts for you to learn from in Product Creation Masterclass. Each week you’ll hear two interviews from thought leaders on their failures, triumphs, and the lessons in between that taught them how to create products that resonate with customers.

Melyssa Griffin

How to Navigate the Transition into Online Education

Maya Elious

Finding the Right Price for your Product

Jeff Goins

The Art of Building a Loyal Tribe

Chris Guillebeau

How to Create your First Product as a Side Hustle

We will give you access to all the tools you need

No need to worry about searching for the right software or tools to get set up. Once you register for Product Creation Masterclass we’ve got you covered with everything you’ll need to create your first successful product.

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