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How does mailchimp compare to convertkit?


  • Targeted at small businesses and startups
  • Overwhelming amount of features
  • Confusing advanced functionality
  • Counts subscriber duplicates across lists, increasing your plan price
  • Overly-complex automations
  • Inconsistent email deliverability rates
  • Right for specific creator types


  • Built by creators for creators
  • Essential features you’ll actually use
  • Simple navigation and intuitive design
  • Each subscriber only counts once to your total
  • Easy-to-use templates and automations
  • Reliable 99.8% email deliverability rates
  • Perfect for creators of all types

Why creators love ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a marketing platform for creators, by creators. We know your unique needs and have developed the tools to make marketing your work easier.

1Never double pay for subscribers

Mailchimp’s list-centric approach means you pay for the same subscribers twice on different lists. WithConvertKit’s subscriber-first approach you save more and never pay double again.

2Simple and editable automations

Mailchimp’s customer journey feature is complicated and difficult to manage. No need to pause your workflows to make edits or add in a new segment. As your list scales, you can automate and grow on the go.

3Straightforward list management

Tags and segments give you the power to send emails to specific groups in your list based on their behavior, activity, and interests. Send new-subscriber promotions, customer anniversary messages, or whatever you dream up.

4Deliverability you can trust

Our 99.8 deliverability rate gets your emails into your subscribers’ inboxes. Dive deeper into your numbers with our subscriber scoring feature, and tune into our monthly deliverability reports.

The ConvertKit team made our migration from Mailchimp seamless! They helped us migrate all of our contacts, tags, and templates.

Krista Williams

Any creator knows that migrating your email list is like messing with your lifeblood. The migration went extremely smoothly and my business is now booming on ConvertKit.

Khe Hy

“When I started taking my list-building seriously, Mailchimp wasn’t fitting my needs.”

Megan Minns

How our migration service works

Other marketing platforms make you manually migrate your account on your own. With ConvertKit you never have to migrate alone. Best of all, switching from Mailchimp is free!

1Provide your info

All we need to get things moving is some information about you and your business.

2We go to work

A migration specialist will reach out to you, give you a close date, and kickoff your move.

3You start emailing

We’ll notify you when your new account is ready and will walk you through how to use it.

Our friendly specialists are always ready to help you get started.

Start your migration

Here’s what we’ll migrate from Mailchimp

Subscriber migration

For creators with less than 5,000 subscribers

  • Subscriber lists
  • Tags, groups and segments
  • Forms
  • Sequence emails
  • Email templates
  • Automations

Full migration

For creators with over 5,000 subscribers

  • Subscriber lists
  • Tags, groups and segments
  • Forms
  • Sequence emails
  • Email templates
  • Automations

ConvertKit connects to your favorite tools

If you have a paid plan and over 5,000 subscribers, we’ll also move your integrations from Mailchimp. Just ask us! We natively integrate with 100+ tools and platforms.


How long does it take to migrate from Mailchimp?

It all depends on the size of your account. The smaller your subscriber list and other factors, the easier it is to migrate your account. Most migrations only take a few days.

I found myself sticking with MailChimp for way too long – even after I realized I wanted to switch. The thought of starting over and recreating my sequences, templates, and more felt so daunting. The ConvertKit team offered to help me with my migration and they made the process so easy – it was a huge weight off my shoulders. From initiating the migration to emailing my audience fromConvertKit was just a matter of days. I only wish I would've made the switch sooner!

Jay Clouse
Jay ClouseCreative Elements podcast

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