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Money making events: Send this email to make your event more profitable

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Entertainers, speakers and presenters are great at captivating the interest of a live audience. The problem is: how can they turn that short-term event into momentum that grows their business long-term?

My consultancy, Abundance Marketing, trains these personality-driven brands on how to achieve breakthrough growth by simply tweaking their systems for greater leverage.

In this article, I want to highlight one of the most popular strategies I teach my clients– increasing revenue at live events.

How this strategy will work:

  1. It capitalizes on your momentum.
    Fans are never more excited about you than the day after they see you perform live. That’s when they’re telling friends about you and posting photos of the show on social media. But chances are, you aren’t capitalizing on that natural momentum.
  2. It adds vital fan data you can leverage.
    In today’s entertainment economy, the one with the most data wins. Taking ownership of important fan/customer data is how you create job security for yourself and your clients.

How to increase your revenue from a live show

Simple, just follow these three steps…

  1. Capture your fan data
  2. Connect your software
  3. Automate your message

Capturing fan data

What does it mean to capture fan data?

All this means is you simply need to get contact info from the fans at your show. And all you really need is an email address. For musicians, speakers, and personality brands of any kind, your email list is the single most valuable asset to your marketing.

Unlike your social media platform, your email list is hands down the easiest, most cost-effective, personal way to build your business. Advanced email marketing tools like ConvertKit will get valuable location data from your subscribers later, automatically.

How do you capture a fan or attendee’s email address at your live event?

There are three ways to do this at a live event.

1. The ticket sale

This is the best, but hardest option, because ticketing agencies and venues want your fan/attendee data (because data wins, remember!).

2. Open-air

This is when you make an offer from stage or on some print collateral everyone gets. It’s an OK option, but it can take a little work. Plus, you run the risk of spoiling the flow of your performance.

3. Automatic merch customer data capture

This is the absolute easiest option for capturing your most important fans’ data. This is the method I will teach you today.

But before I dive into the method, here’s something you should know: your merch customers are your most valuable fans.

how to monetize live events

Not only did they schedule time and set aside money to come see you perform, they stood in line to pay you extra money at the merch table.

You need their contact info. Repeat: you NEED their contact information. So it’s time to change how you run your merch table.

The old way:

live event old way

What’s wrong with this picture?

If you can’t tell, there’s a little clipboard at the merch table to collect people’s email addresses.

This method is very ineffective for four reasons:

  1. It’s not noticeable. Most people won’t even see it.
  2. It’s not necessary. There’s no reason why someone buying a t-shirt should take the time to write out their email address.
  3. It’s not easy. Not only is it annoying to write things out by hand, it’s annoying for you or your staff to read other people’s chicken scratch later.
  4. It’s not automated. That means the fans’ email addresses will only make it into your system after you or a staff person takes the time (and this process can take hours) to input each address one by one. In the long term, it’s just not sustainable.

Thankfully there’s a new, better way to do this. Here’s how it’s done:

Capture the email address at the Point-of-Sale, using your digital check-out system.

This is a much better method because the act of capturing fan data is in the natural pathway of the fan, making it an easy, automatic experience. You can capture the email of your most valuable fans at the moment they pay for a piece of merch.

You can either require the fan to enter an email address, or– and this is what I recommend– you can incentivize them to give you their email by offering an instant discount on the piece of merch they’re buying, in exchange for joining your list.

If your current checkout system doesn’t easily allow you to capture fan email addresses, you need to ditch it for a better software. I usually recommend Shopify to my clients.

Here’s my recommended merch table workflow for this method:

  1. Set up merch table with clear signage about a discount offer.
  2. Apply a 10% discount at checkout when a merch customer opts-in with their email address.
  3. That’s it. You’ve made it a no-brainer for fans to actually want to be on your list.

But before you hit the road with that new checkout system, you need to connect your software.

How to connect your automated point of sale software with ConvertKit

To automate your point-of-sale email capture, you simply need to create an integration with your merch table checkout software and your email marketing software.

Don’t worry, this connection won’t require any coding or special technical skills– that is, if you have a decent email marketing platform (like ConvertKit, hint).

live events- point of sale

Like I mentioned earlier, I recommend Shopify to my clients.

Finally, you just need to set up an automation that sends a message to your merch customers the next day.

Automate your message

In your email marketing software, you should have the option to create an “if this, then that” process. (If it doesn’t, you better switch to a modern tool!)

When this is done, if someone is added to your list from your merch table, you can set up the system to send a specific message to that person one day later.

live events- thank you email

live events email marketing

In these situations, I would suggest using your follow-up message to capitalize on your momentum with the fan. But what should your message say?

Your message should call them to a valuable action, especially one they would likely be reluctant to do at a time when you had no momentum.

For example, you could offer a discount on a high-value piece of merch from your online store or ask them to share your latest album on Facebook.

Here’s a message you can borrow:




Making the sale without sounding salesy

Good news: with this strategy, you don’t look salesy or send an email that looks like an advertisement. Your fans will love you for it!

Automatically sending the right message at the perfect time will make your fans say “thank you” with their wallets.

You simply set this up one time, and at every live show you automatically…

  1. Capture your fan data
  2. Connect your software
  3. Automate your message

And that process will…

  1. Create instant revenue from responses to your message
  2. Build more momentum from your live show or tour
  3. Provide valuable data you can leverage your whole career

Live events are a big investment. Start getting a better return today.





Blake Stratton

Blake Stratton is a brand messaging strategist in Nashville, TN. In his Master Key Program, Blake consults with small business leaders to create their custom communication playbook for customer attraction. Learn more about Blake at and follow him on Instagram @abundancemarketer.

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