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ConvertKit is an email marketing and audience building software that helps musicians like you turn your passion into a full-time career by connecting you to your fans faster.

Ryan Baustert, Musician

Don’t rent your audience. Own it with an email list. You can create a deeper connection with your fans by reaching them directly in their inbox with personalized email marketing updates that turn causal listeners into superfans—no algorithms getting in the way. The stronger the connection with your fans, the more control you’ll have over how you earn a living with your music.

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Grow your fanbase

Grow faster with recommendations

With the Creator Network, you can recommend and be recommended by other creators to grow your newsletters faster, together. When they gain new subscribers, so do you. When you gain new subscribers, so do they.

Create forms, pop-ups, landing pages

Use landing pages designed for musicians to create an easy way to promote your next album, embed your music videos, and link out to social platforms and places to download music.

Personalize your content
& build relationships

Turn casual followers into diehard fans

Write simple emails

To build the kind of relationship with your followers that turns them into loyal fans, you need to consistently send valuable content. Our email editor helps you set up a simple and clean writing experience so connecting with fans is as easy as emailing your friends.

Send relationship-building content

Organize your audience into segments based on their interest, location, and more to send them content you know they’ll be excited about. Playing a show in Denver? Send an email to fans in the area. Re-releasing an old album? Give fans who originally bought it early access to the new version.

Sell digital products with low transaction fees

Earn a living

Sell music directly to your fans

Create customizable product pages for your EPs, albums, private virtual concerts or fan club memberships with a simple checkout flow. And our low transaction fees (just 3.5% + 30c per sale) mean more money goes directly into your pocket.

Promote like a pro

Make marketing easy with ConvertKit automations. Create automated email flows based on your fan’s interest to promote your merch, get them excited about an upcoming album release, sell tickets to shows, or simply keep fans up-to-date on what’s happening next.

Grow your audience faster

With the Creator Network you can recommend and be recommended by other musicians in just a few clicks. Grow your lists faster, together.

Chris Howes - Creator Profile
Chris Howes

I help musicians grow skills so they can enjoy improvising and making music. Join 10,000 musicians and sign up for my newsletter for weekly tips and resources!

Noa Kageyama - Creator Profile
Noa Kageyama

If you struggle with nerves and inconsistent performances, know that you’re not alone. Join 45,000+ musicians and get weekly research-based performance psychology tips that will help you become more effective in the practice room and on stage.

Thomas Dulin - Creator Profile
Thomas Dulin

I'm on a mission to help artists and producers make better records.

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A series featuring at-home concerts where artists share the behind-the-scenes of their songs

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