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How YouTuber Nick True uses dedicated lead magnets and automations to grow his email list to over 10,000 subscribers

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An often-repeated form of personal finance advice: the best kind of savings are the kind you never have to think about.

Setting and forgetting your 401k, Roth IRA contributions, or your loan payments is the first step toward financial independence — one of the many pieces of advice that personal finance expert Nick True and his wife Hanna at Mapped Out Money share with their 47,000 YouTube followers and 10,000 email subscribers each week.

nick true youtube
Nick True launched his personal finance blog, Mapped Out Money, in 2015. He now has over 47,000 subscribers on YouTube.

“I’m all about helping people better manage their money and actually use it to do more of what matters to them,” says True.

But it’s also a piece of advice that the pair follow when it comes to building their business. True uses ConvertKit’s Visual Automations to keep their marketing humming in the background as they travel across the country in their 27-foot Airstream trailer.

Here’s how he does it:

#1: Create dedicated lead magnets for key YouTube videos

Most of Nick’s clients end up coming from the Mapped Out Money YouTube channel, which now has over 47,000 subscribers. Turning those subscribers into paying clients takes managing YouTube’s notoriously fickle algorithm.

YouTube can be a very tricky place in that you have to be really thoughtful about every video. When you drive people away from YouTube, [the algorithm] doesn’t like it. So in general, rather than making every call to action about our email list, we point people to related videos instead, to keep them watching, which helps our overall YouTube metrics.

True posts, on average, one video a week. But for one YouTube video each month, True creates downloadable lead magnets that match the content in the video, rather than one overarching asset.

We create a specific resource for that video. Checklists do really well for our audience, where it is a natural fit with the video. I pitch the resource at the end of the video and in the description.

Take True’s top-performing video, which is a step-by-step guide to his “You Need a Budget” framework.

My most watched video has more than 600,000 views, and that video is probably responsible for over half of our subscribers. It’s a long, complicated, detailed video, so we built a dedicated beginner’s checklist that you can just follow along with. What I do is use a ConvertKit built-in form to build the landing page specifically for that resource.

Grab this landing page template

ConvertKit’s fully customizable templates make it easy to build a landing page like this one in minutes. Doing this every month takes effort, but for True, it’s proven to be significantly more effective than pointing YouTube visitors to the same lead magnet over and over. It’s one of the key ways True has been able to grow his email list to over 10,000 subscribers over time:

Nick's subscriber growth
A snapshot of month-over-month subscriber growth, tracked in ConvertKit.

They’re all about slow and steady growth, averaging between 8 and 25 new subscribers each day, with peaks on video drops and lead magnet releases.

#2: Welcome new subscribers with an automated sequence

Once someone does subscribe, True rolls out the welcome mat with a dedicated email sequence of three emails. Before sending anything, though, True runs them through a Visual Automation in ConvertKit.

Using a Visual Automation for new subscribers makes welcoming them to Mapped Out Money easy.

The first thing we do is use ConvertKit to check if they’re already a subscriber on the list. If that’s the case, I don’t want to drop them into the welcome sequence. Second, I’ll add a subscriber tag based on the resource they signed up with, and then, I add them into the sequence.

An example of one of True’s welcome emails for Mapped Out Money.

The welcome sequence is designed to introduce himself and how Mapped Out Money can help solve their financial problems. “Most of the people who sign up are looking for budgeting help,” says True. “I want to tell them more about me, but also agitate the problem. Then, in the third email, we give them a welcome offer with our low-price product.”

Grab a Welcome automation for your business

#3: Nurture subscribers with regular email campaigns

After the welcome sequence, ConvertKit automatically drops subscribers into their regular email list, which is a weekly newsletter.

True sends out a newsletter each week with new content and offers for Mapped Out Money.

After sending hundreds of emails, he’s learned a thing or two about what tends to resonate with his audience — and what falls flat.

I start with basic templates, and from there, it’s a matter of split testing headlines and paying attention to what students and potential buyers are unclear about. If I notice a couple of people say the same thing, that often becomes a dedicated email or an update in a future email, because most of the time, there’s a bunch of other people with that same question that haven't voiced it.

True also fills in his weekly newsletter and product-based emails based on feedback from his students and audience. “We do send surveys and ask, ‘Why didn’t you purchase?’ and take that feedback to work it into new emails. Our biggest goal is to get ahead on what people have questions about and doing that up front.”

All I have to do is set it up and press start. It automatically does what it needs to do, and I can walk away from it and focus on those students who didn’t join.

Use ConvertKit lead magnets and visual automations to create an engaged audience

It doesn’t have to be rocket science. Think about what your audience needs, and start there. Build resources that resonate with them based on the feedback you hear, make your offers match with your content, and send all that content automatically with ConvertKit’s Visual Automations.

ConvertKit’s automations tool is easy-to-use. Send well-timed, targeted content to your audience so you can stay focused on what matters most: growing your online business.

Click the button below and get started building your automations with a free 14-day trial.

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