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Your audience wants to support independent creators like you now more than ever. By adding a paid newsletter to your offerings, you can create a new channel of valuable content your audience is excited to invest in.

Sell digital products with a commerce tool built for creators

ConvertKit makes it so easy to segment your audience, create sequences, and send them more personalized newsletters. That better segmentation means better messaging and high conversion rates. If you’re building an audience, ConvertKit should be your newsletter tool.

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3 easy steps to set up your paid newsletter

Create your newsletter product and set the price
Set your product details
Customize your newsletter product page to match your brand.
Customize your landing page
Automatically send your readers their first newsletter and get paid!
Get paid for your product

What could you earn with a paid newsletter?

Use our calculator to see what dreams you could fund with subscription-based content.

Customize your paid newsletter experience

By branding and customizing every step your reader takes from sign up to weekly emails, you can create a consistent flow for them that builds trust and quick recognition.

Easy newsletter templates

Tailor the look of one of our well-designed templates to create your paid newsletter. No coding required! Set it as your default template and you’ll be ready to roll with each new newsletter.

Branded product pages

Make your paid newsletter the star of the show with a simple, clean product page. Change colors and fonts and add images from Unsplash or your Instagram feed to create a totally customized product page, check out, confirmation and receipt.

Promote like a pro with simple sales funnels

Easily set up automated funnels to pitch your paid newsletter to your super fans with our world-class audience growth and email tools.

Organize your audience

Use tags and segments to organize your audience based on their interests and promote your paid newsletter to the people you know will love it.

Exclude previous buyers from a pitch

Use filters on your emails to ensure you never pitch your paid newsletter to someone who is already subscribed.

Grow your list with a newsletter referral program

Growing your email list can feel like an uphill battle. On ConvertKit’s Creator Pro plan you’ll get free access to Sparkloop, a referral program tool. Now you can reward your subscribers for referring their friends to your email list so your audience (and income!) can grow on autopilot with every newsletter you send.


Connect ConvertKit and Sparkloop


Offer rewards to your audience in exchange for sharing your paid newsletter


Watch your email list grow virally

See all the data from your sales in one place

Connect your ConvertKit account to other platforms where you sell courses, memberships, and more so you can get an in-depth overview of your entire business- not just the digital products and paid newsletter subscriptions you’ve sold through ConvertKit.

Track your audience growth

ConvertKit’s built-in reporting is included on all plans and shows you how quickly your audience is growing and what forms they’ve signed up to.

Manage your subscribers

Subscriber profiles give you a quick snapshot of what automations your subscribers have gone through and products they’ve purchased as well as allow you to process refunds and see billing history.

Integrated payment processing with low transaction fees

Answer a few simple questions to get set up and you’ll never have to think about payment processing again. Your readers can use their credit or debit card to subscribe to your paid newsletters and you can issue refunds with the click of a button.

Your earnings are protected

ConvertKit Commerce is powered by Stripe, a world-leader in secure payment process and fraud detection. That means your income is in safe hands and verified creators get payouts every week directly to their bank account.

Only pay when you get paid

You can use ConvertKit Commerce for your paid newsletter on our Free Plan and only be charged a 3.5% + 30c transaction fee once you start selling subscriptions.

Set up your paid newsletter and start earning more today

With ConvertKit Commerce you can set up your paid newsletter in just a few minutes to start adding to your income.

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