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I recently started using @ConvertKit for all my email marketing. Their customer service is always on point. I love it when a SaaS company really cares about its customer and takes care of them.

You don’t need a bunch of complicated tools to get started

As a creator, you’re also a podcaster, YouTuber, email strategist, salesperson, and more. We built ConvertKit to be a marketing platform that helps you streamline all that work you juggle so you can get back to creating.

Start marketing with a link-in-bio page

No tiresome code. No domain purchases. No additional costs for a website. Easily build your link-in-bio page in minutes to send followers to your content across the internet.

Build your list with lead magnets

Nurture the connection with your audience by offering valuable freebies they can easily download. Not only are you showing you know your stuff, you’re also gaining their trust and getting their email address in return for that freebie.

Create newsletters your audience can’t wait to read

From simple images to dynamic timers, you can customize the look of one of our well-designed email templates to create a personalized experience for your readers.

Organize and segment your subscribers

Group your subscribers based on their interests and behaviors with our tags and segments to send the right content to the right person every time. Sending only relevant content means higher engagement and increased invome.

Automate your email series

When someone signs up for your list, send an automated welcome sequence to give them all the info they need to stick around for the long haul. Better yet? Set up subscriber journeys ahead of time with our Visual Automations builder.

Start earning an income

ConvertKit Commerce is an easy path to experiment with earning a living online—without needing to invest in another platform. Customize your product sales page, embed it in your email, and see how it performs with your subscribers.

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