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ConvertKit is great.

I've been using it for years to manage sending emails to tens of thousands of people. It's a critical part of my business as a creator whenever I have something to sell.

You don’t need a bunch of complicated tools to grow your list

As a creator, you’re also a podcaster, YouTuber, email strategist, salesperson, and more. We built ConvertKit to be a marketing platform that integrates with all your favorite tools and streamlines all that work you juggle.

Start marketing with a newsletter

Newsletters are more than just a weekly email—it’s also your website, blog, and link-in-bio page. Set up your newsletter to keep your subscribers updated and give new audiences a way to learn more about you.

Built-in network you can use to cross-promote

Tap into ConvertKit’s Creator Network to grow your list organically by working with other creators to cross-promote each other’s content. Create one-off partnerships in the form of email sponsors, or set up evergreen recommendations on your forms.

Organize and segment your subscribers

Group your subscribers based on their interests and behaviors with our tags and segments to send the right content to the right person every time. Sending only relevant content means higher engagement and increased income.

Delivered straight to your inbox

With an average daily rate of 99.8%, ConvertKit has the highest delivery rates among email service providers. You can rely on us to deliver your messages to your subscribers’ inboxes every time—not the spam folder or promotions tab.

Automate your email series

When someone signs up for your list, send an automated welcome sequence to give them all the info they need to stick around for the long haul. Better yet? Set up subscriber journeys like this ahead of time with our Visual Automations builder.

New revenue streams for all

Monetize at different stages of your creator journey. Start earning by promoting other creators with Paid Recommendations. Then, monetize each newsletter withConvertKit Ads (beta), and finally, sell digital products with a matured audience.