REACH Episode 18: Abby & Donnie Lawson “Surviving the Rollercoaster of Blogging”

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Abby and Donnie Lawson are the creators behind Just a Girl and Her Blog where they write about organization, home decor, and blogging & online business. They live in Pittsburgh, PA with their two sons, Connor and Caleb.

Running a blog, or any business, full time is a rollercoaster ride for sure. There are funnels to consider, families to support, and you often have to decide – do you really have to be everywhere, always? Abby and Donnie Lawson are no strangers to this rollercoaster. They’ve even developed some ways to hang on and enjoy the ride. In this conversation, Abby and Donnie share why they don’t think you have to be everywhere, always, how Abby went from a stay at home mom to a professional blogger who ended up hiring her husband!, and the one question you need to ask yourself about your business to know if you can survive.

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