REACH Episode 20: Caitlin Bacher “How To Build a Profitable Blog FAST”

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Caitlin Bacher is the founder of Fab Facebook Groups where she teaches infopreneurs how to host profitable Facebook Groups. She also runs her blog at

Turning your blog from passion to profit as quickly as possible is a goal many bloggers have. But most of us are stuck wondering how to make that happen and we spin our wheels with new ideas and directions trying to make it work. Caitlin Bacher took a more strategic approach and was able to monetize her blog (to the tune of multiple 6 figures) in under 18 months. In this conversation, Caitlin shares why you shouldn’t be the one to choose what subject to be an expert in, her professional thoughts about how involved you should be in social media, and exactly how to build a profitable blog, fast.

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