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I am a Creator

True stories of creators making their dreams a reality

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Danny Gregory, Artist. Writer.
I am a Creator - Danny Gregory

Short films about the creator journey

A documentary web series for insights into remarkable people earning a living doing work they love.

S 01 • E 01

Fireproof optimism

Eric Friedensohn, Muralist

How muralist Eric Friedensohn owes his success to losing everything.

I am a Creator - Eric Friedensohn
S 01 • E 03

Empty Nesters

Azul Terronez and Steve Vannoy, Author coaches + podcasters

When the illusion of security leaves you feeling trapped, how do you break free? Find out how author coaches Steve and Azul turned down big career advances, packed 2 suitcases, and found their freedom.

I am a Creator - Azul Terronez and Steve Vannoy
S 01 • E 04

Fight or flight: When resistance feels worth it

Noa Kageyama, Founder of Bulletproof Musician

When Noa Kageyama realized he didn’t love the thing he’d dedicated his life to, it was time to decide if the resistance he felt was the kind you push through or the kind that helps you choose a new path.

I am a Creator - Noa Kageyama
S 01 • E 05

The fashion outsider

Brandice Daniel, Founder of Harlem’s Fashion Row

When you’re burnt out on your calendar, but not on your mission, what’s your next play? Fashion curator Brandice Daniel took a chance that brought the biggest opportunity of her life - leading a team of designers for Nike.

I am a Creator - Brandice Daniel
S 01 • E 06

Taking control of your creative life

Jessica Abel, Cartoonist + Author

After 30 years of working in her craft, cartoonist Jessica Abel realized she’d taken a grassroots marketing approach to build a full-time business

I am a Creator - Jessica Abel

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The I Am A Creator podcast features our creator stories read aloud by the author, Isa Adney.


Profiles of inspiring creators

In-depth stories of creators like you overcoming the obstacles standing in the way of their biggest dreams.

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