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How to set up and sell your ebook with ConvertKit Commerce

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Creators all have one thing in common: the curse of knowledge.

You have expertise in something, from educating to entertaining, and it’s a unique skill set that other people would love to learn.

Yet the curse of knowledge makes you forget that at one point, you had minimal understanding of your expertise regardless of your niche (guitarist, writer, developer, etc.) But, you had a curiosity that drove you to learn how to strum on a guitar, craft a compelling sentence, or write your first line of code.

You had the exact same curiosity that your audience has when they read your emails, watch your videos, or listen to your content. They want to reach your level of expertise, too—and they’ll gladly pay for the opportunity by buying your ebook.

Creators educate and entertain audiences through ebooks that turn into passive revenue streams. But, where you sell your ebook makes a huge difference for your creator business.

What is ConvertKit Commerce?

With ConvertKit Commerce creators can sell products to their subscribers, fans, and social media audience. Thanks to ConvertKit’s visual automations, you won't need to manually send ebooks to your customers.

Creators make a landing page with our easy-to-use templates, upload their ebook, and create an email sequence that automatically gets delivered to customers after they make a purchase. Chef Daniella Malfitano uses ConvertKit Commerce to sell a monthly plant-based cookbook.

Image via Chef D Malfi

ConvertKit Commerce is part of your ConvertKit account which means you can keep track of your sales and subscribers on one platform. When you open your ConvertKit dashboard, you’ll get a quick look into how many sales you’ve made that day and how your email list has grown. These two metrics help creators, like Chef D Malfi, keep tabs on their income and brand growth.

Here’s how automations, email sequences, and tags help professional creators sell more ebooks while giving them time back to focus on content creation.

Creators leverage ConvertKit Commerce to make more ebook sales

Behind every great creator business is a platform that can handle their business at every stage. From 10 subscribers to 10,000, ConvertKit grows with your creator business.

You don’t want to toggle between multiple platforms to figure out how your business is doing. With ConvertKit Commerce, you get an inside look into revenue, subscriber growth, and even which subscribers bought what products. These are the types of insights that take your creator business to the next level.

What is that next level? Let’s look at it in 3 parts.


ConvertKit Commerce turns creator businesses into passive income streams through automations which are a series of triggers that send emails to the right person at the right time. For example, if somebody signs up for your newsletter, an automated email gets sent as soon as they hit subscribe.

Inside that email, you’ll welcome your new subscriber. You can also ask them what topics they’re most interested in learning about. Based on their selection, you can send them through an automated email sequence promoting an ebook you wrote on that topic! Instead of worrying about fulfilling sales orders, you can focus your attention on growing your online audience and connecting with future customers.

All of this happens without you lifting a finger. Just set up the automation and it keeps working for you 24/7.

Email sequences

An email sequence is a series of emails that get sent to somebody after they perform a certain action. If somebody buys your ebook, they’ll go into an email sequence that sends the ebook and thanks them for the purchase. Professional creators know this is an ideal opportunity to talk about their other products to help drive further sales.

After buying your ebook, your customers can get a series of emails that give them a promotional code to buy any of your other products. Inside ConvertKit, you’ll schedule out this email sequence to send an email every day after purchase for 5 days (or more if you want). Getting one sale is great, but getting two is even better.

These email sequences help your subscribers and customers learn more about you and become bigger fans of your content, brand, and products.


Having 1,000 subscribers is great, but there’s something much better. Knowing which topics each of those subscribers are most interested in. Tag subscribers when they click on a link in your email, subscribe from a specific form or landing page, or buy one of your products. Organizing your subscribers gives you the opportunity for personalized marketing.

With tags, you can send specific discount codes, promotions, or announcements to the most interested subscribers. So instead of blasting your entire email list with the same content and hoping subscribers less interested don’t hit unsubscribe, you can personalize emails based on what subscribers actually want to receive. This keeps your open rate high while tailoring your content to what each subscriber most wants to see from you.

The platform you choose to sell your ebook on can make a huge difference to your creator business. Between features, integrations, and commissions, you want to choose a platform that’s designed to work for a creator business (and not put itself between you and your hard-earned income).

Creators make more money with ConvertKit Commerce

You worked hard to get your creator business off the ground. Are you willing to hand some of those profits off to another company in return for selling your products on their website? We’ll make the safe assumption that you’re shaking your head.

Unlike selling an ebook on Amazon, ConvertKit Commerce isn’t here to take any royalties from your creations. The money you make selling your ebook should go into your pocket. Selling an ebook on Amazon can come with a 30-65% Amazon sales commission. If you sell a $20 ebook, $6-$13 is immediately removed from the sale. That means your $20 sale turns into $7-$14 in profit.

ConvertKit Commerce only takes an industry-standard 3.5% + $0.30 per transaction fee. We never charge a sales commission. With ConvertKit Commerce, your $20 ebook sale equates to a guaranteed $19 in your pocket.

ConvertKit makes your creator business work for you without taking massive amounts of profit from your creations. Ready to publish your ebook? Here are all the instructions you’ll need.

3 easy steps to start selling your ebook

Publishing your first ebook, or upgrading the process of how you publish isn’t as hard as you may think. Once you have your ebook written, you’ll quickly be up and running using ConvertKit Commerce. Just follow these 3 steps to start selling your ebook.

#1: Create (or link) your Stripe account

You’ll need to add your Stripe account to your ConvertKit account to make your ebook sales. With Stripe, you’ll collect your ebook sales income and transfer it directly into your bank account of choice. Here are instructions on how to connect your Stripe account to ConvertKit.

#2: Upload your ebook

It’s time to make your knowledge live for the world! This is an exciting moment. Create a new product by clicking the Product pages tab in your ConvertKit account. Add the name of your ebook and quick details about it. Then, choose your price. Generally, ebooks have standard pricing, which means somebody purchases it one time.

For other products, ConvertKit Commerce also gives you the option to choose subscriptions or a pay-what-you-want model (this is a great option for a Kickstarter type of product!).

Lastly, upload your file as a digital download!

#3: Create your ebook landing page

This is the page your fans, audience, and subscribers will land on when they click the link to your ebook. ConvertKit has lots of templates for you to choose from, so don’t worry about getting this wrong. Just choose your favorite landing page template and add the details of your ebook and creator brand as needed.

Here’s an example of what an ebook landing page looks like using ConvertKit Commerce:

As we said, it’s pretty easy to get your ebook up and running with the right platform. Get step-by-step instructions on how to sell an ebook with ConvertKit Commerce here (you’ll also get a walkthrough of how to make a test purchase!).

Publish your ebook

Your fans, audience, and subscribers would love to read your ebook. Don’t let the curse of knowledge trick you into thinking they’re not interested. You have an expertise that they haven’t cultivated yet and they’d love to have you as their teacher.

Bring your ebook to your online audience with ConvertKit Commerce.

With email sequences and visual automations, you’ll have a passive income stream (without needing a master’s degree in business). You’ll also get immediate access to landing page templates strategically designed to make it easy to hit publish on your ebook, and all the other products you’re thinking about bringing to life.

Get started with ConvertKit Commerce for free.

Start selling within minutes

As a creator, you deserve to get paid for your work. ConvertKit Commerce is ready-made to help you sell digital products.

Get paid with ConvertKit Commerce

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