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Creators are always looking for new ways to share their content to grow their audience. Whether it’s their social media posts, their latest documentary, a song they just produced, a new recipe for their audience, or simply the freshest post from their blog, creators need a way to help their audience find their content.

Our new landing page features help you grow your audience by sharing more content.

What’s new

ConvertKit landing page features update for September 2020
Our new landing page features help creators like you share multiple content links and media from one page. Here’s what you kind now find in your ConvertKit app:

Link Pages

Are you ready to leverage your social media following for your business? Link Pages are the new way to send your followers directly to your website. Think Linktree but with more customization, more media, and a full email marketing platform built in for free!

Example of a ConvertKit Link Page
Use your Link Page to help your audience find the right content.

Adding links to any landing page is easy and you have total customization of how the links look and the option to add other content as well.

Example of a ConvertKit Link Page
How to add a link to your Link Page

Build a Link Page for your social bio


A picture tells a thousand words, but sometimes one isn’t enough to tell the whole story. That’s where Galleries come in! Galleries are a collection of images you can upload from your computer (or your Instagram feed).

And the best part of a Gallery? You can link out from each image directly to your website, blog, or other content platforms. That means you can now use a ConvertKit landing page to be a storefront for your digital products! No need to build a website or full ecommerce site.

Example of a Gallery on a ConvertKit landing page
Create a Gallery for your landing page to show off more media.

You can add a Gallery by clicking on a paragraph and selecting “gallery” from the content block editor. Then you can customize the layout, number of columns, and crop the images to suit your needs. This feature allows you to show off your work to your audience in a whole new way.

How to set up a Gallery on a ConvertKit landing page
How to set up a Gallery on a ConvertKit landing page

Add a Gallery to your landing pages

Social media icons

Want a quick way to get your audience to connect with you on social media? Now you can add your social media icons to any landing page for free. And we’re not just talking “the usual suspects”.

Musicians, send your audience to your Soundcloud or Spotify pages. Podcasters, set up an icon to send your audience directly to your podcast hosting site of choice. Writers, send your readers directly to your Medium account. You can even add an external link for the more obscure platforms.

Example of adding social icons to your ConvertKit landing page
Easily add your social icons to a landing page so your audience has more ways to connect with you.

You can use the default platform colors or personalize the icons to match the look of your landing page. Use can also use the larger links, a newsletter form, a gallery of images, or your Instagram feed.

How to add social icons to your landing page
How to add social icons to your landing page

Add your social media icons to your landing page

Instagram feeds

Give your audience a look at the type of content you love to create by adding your Instagram Feed to your landing pages. These quick glimpses of your Instagram posts can help casual viewers connect with you and increase engagement with your business. Plus your Feed is dynamic- that means you can set it up once and it will automatically populate with your latest Instagram posts.

Example of an Instagram feed on a ConvertKit landing page
Adding your Instagram feed to a landing page can help increase your audience engagement.

Click in a paragraph to reveal the (+) menu on the left, then select “Instagram Feed” from the list. Try it out on the following landing pages- Abbey, Academy (if you also want video), Archer, Belmont, Centennial, and Hudson.

How to connect your Instagram feed to your landing page
How to connect your Instagram feed to your landing page

Add your Instagram feed to your landing page

Newsletter feeds

Now your newsletters can do more than share your content, they can also help you grow your email list. With Newsletter feeds, you can create a standalone landing page to show off your favorite or your most recent newsletters as a way to entice new readers to sign up to your list.

Think of a Newsletter feed like your blog or an Instagram feed- your audience can get more insight into who you are as a creator as they read through your content, giving them more opportunity to trust your insights and increases the chances they’ll join your email list.

Example of a ConvertKit Newsletter feed
Adding a newsletter feed to your landing page is a great way to give your followers a quick glance at what they can expect from your newsletters.

It’s like a self-sustaining system for both delivering content and growing the audience for that content.

To create your Newsletter feed, click “enable public feeds” on the newsletters you want to share and they will automatically appear when you add a Newsletter feed section to your landing page.

Add your Newsletter feed to your landing page here

Automatic UTM parameters

Ready to see what happens to your email marketing traffic after it leaves your emails? With Automatic UTM Parameters, you can set up your Google Analytics account to track traffic from all the URLs in your ConvertKit emails.

ConvertKit automatic UTM parameters
Keep track of your email traffic without the fuss with automatic UTM parameters.

Simply enable the UTM parameters in your account and from then on every URL you link to in your emails will be trackable.

Finally, you can automatically attribute sales, visits, and activity to your email marketing campaigns.

Head to your settings to turn on automatic UTMs and start tracking your emails

Grow your audience by sharing more content

The more content you share, the more people can connect with you as a creator. These new landing page features can give your audience a faster and easier way to find your content and engage with your business.

Try out these new features today by signing up for a ConvertKit Free account. You can manage up to 1,000 email subscribers and create unlimited landing pages, and opt-in forms, and email broadcasts.

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Dani Stewart

As a daughter of an entrepreneur, the wife of an entrepreneur, and an entrepreneur herself, Dani has lived and learned all sides of creating and growing businesses. She is excited to bring all that life experience as well as a decade of crafting content to the ConvertKit community. She is a part-time baker, dinner-party planner, and lover of good bourbon living the simple life in Nashville with her husband, Sean.

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