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You know that awkward moment when you’re chatting with someone and you compliment them on their fly kicks and instead of saying “thank you” they just keep barreling through the conversation? Rude! Not that you were complimenting them just to get that courteous reply, but it felt weird, didn’t it?

Saying “thank you” is a normal, knee-jerk reaction (at least for a southern lady like me). It seems like it should be as synonymous as breathing or accepting cake when cake is offered. So let’s not be that socially inept person and make sure that we are always saying thank you.

Thank you to your friends who help you move, to your parents for giving birth to your brilliance, to the cashier who complimented your fancy wallet-iPhone case, and always, always, ALWAYS- say thank you to your blog audience.

Yes! You need to be saying thank you to your blog readers. Not only are they taking time out of their day to read the words you’ve strung together, but hopefully they’re keeping you in electricity and running water. These people are literally your bread and butter.

Out of all the people who see your message, the ones that sign up for your newsletter, attend your webinars or buy your products are the most valuable. They’re there because they want to be. They’re looking for something- help, information, products, guidance- and they’ve come to you.

Congrats! You’ve got a captive audience. And now that you have their attention- leverage it. And what better way to keep their attention than with a pleasant and polite “Thank you.”

What’s in a good Thank You page?

Thank You pages typically are where you redirect a reader after some kind of conversion- filling out a form, subscribing, buying a product, etc. It acts as a confirmation so your customer knows their request was accomplished and can sometimes deliver your promise of a link for an ebook download or a further link into a webinar they signed up for.

But at it’s base, a Thank You page is the place you express appreciation for your reader’s time, money, email address or whatever it is they just gave you. Sadly, this is where so many leave it. They’ve missed out on a big opportunity and have let the Thank You page become a dead end.

Like I said, you’ve got a captive audience here. It’s ok to assume that this reader is a fan (or is about to become a fan) because they’ve just asked for something you’re giving. So here’s your chance to keep bring them one step further into your world. This Thank You page has endless possibilities to build your brand awareness, give a little something extra to your audience and even gather market research. Want to know how?

How to Maximize Your Thank You Pages

Ready to do more than the minimum requirement? Your readers are worth a little extra effort, right? Not only will you be giving them more value for their time by adding to your Thank You page, you’ll be doing the same for yourself. It’s time to put that Thank You page to work.

Increase Sales on Thank You Pages

If a reader has just purchased something from you, it’s likely they will buy even more. Give them that opportunity right out the gate and catch their eye with an impulse buy. Recommend and link to similar products like the one they just purchased or some of your best sellers. You can even offer a discount or promotion if they share your interaction with their social media followers.

At AsianEfficiency, they add a countdown clock for a special offer to get customers to make another purchase.


On Teachable's thank you pages, they offer their customers the chance to engage with them further with a weekly online course.


And Queen of Quinoa takes advantage of the time it takes her freebie to download by mentioning all her other products customer can browse while they wait.


Tell Them What’s Next on Thank You Pages

Some email marketing providers (like, ahem, ConvertKit) offer the option of a double opt in. If you choose that route, there’s a second step your subscriber needs to complete in order to get what you promised them. Use your Thank You page to tell them exactly what their next step should be and how to claim their prize. They’ll thank you for making their life easy and welcome you into their inbox with open arms.

James Clear is super helpful by giving his customers screen shots of where to look for his emails.



CopyBlogger reminds their readers to move them to the “safe sender” list so they won't miss out on any good info.



Platform University uses their thank you page to promote how their customer's can take their business to the next level.


In the same way as Platform University, for Elle & Co the thank you page is a chance to offer up a collection of tools that will help their customer take the next step in organization.



Gather Market Research on Thank You Pages

You’re more likely to get feedback from a customer who is already engaged with you, so after you’ve expressed your gratitude, why not point-blank ask for some? The best way to know more about your audience is to go straight to the source anyway. You can have a space for comments or to link to a survey to find out what they want more of, what they could do without, where else they’re getting information from, what their favorite color is…you can find out anything really.

Convince & Convert doesn't waste any time. They directly ask their customers what they want to hear more of.


Kissmetrics takes a more subtle approach and gains more information about their customers as they fill out a form to ask for a demo.


And Wistia has created a handy survey on their thank you page to help them understand their customers more.




Build Brand Awareness with Thank You Pages

Giving your audience extra reasons to trust you is ALWAYS great. Help your audience know more about you by building brand awareness right on your Thank You pages. Add some sparkling testimonials, brightly colored infographics, or link to your social media. The more they can easily find out about you and your awesome service, the more likely they are to keep coming back.

With a click of the “Learn More” button, MeetEdgar's thank you page scrolls down so you can learn more about the tool, hear testimonials, and read about some of it's cool features.



Show Your Personality on Thank You Page

More than whether or not a product is good, people are always looking to relate and identify with something. They want to feel apart of the bigger picture, they want to feel heard, and they want to know where things are coming from. With that in mind, you should always be looking for ways to inject your personality into your brand. Give your audience a face and personality to have a human-to-human interaction with. Be funny, be sarcastic, make a joke, post a GIF-whatever it is- you do you. Keep building your relationship with your audience right there.

Both Tiffany Ima and Think Creative Collective show their personalities with bright images and cutesy language.




Build a better Thank You page today

It’s practically free for you to set up a Thank You page, but look at all the revenue-building, brand-spreading, research-finding capabilities you have with it. There are SO MANY ways you can profit by updating just this one interaction with your audience.

It’s time to mind your manners and make sure you’re always saying “Thank You.” You never know where a little etiquette will take you. Grab our Thank You Page Checklist and add a little  marketing know-how to your own Thank You page today.

Dani Stewart

As a daughter of an entrepreneur, the wife of an entrepreneur, and an entrepreneur herself, Dani has lived and learned all sides of creating and growing businesses. She is excited to bring all that life experience as well as a decade of crafting content to the ConvertKit community. She is a part-time baker, dinner-party planner, and lover of good bourbon living the simple life in Nashville with her husband, Sean.

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