Top 5 email myths

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Are there tips and tricks to avoiding the promotions tab? Can simple keywords send you straight to the spam folder? Is email on the way out?

Misinformation about best practices can send your email strategy spiraling. While it sounds cliché, avoid trusting everything you read on the internet.

Because despite living in the era of information, many email mythologies have survived. If you’re feeling lost and confused about what’s true, what’s old news, and what never served anyone in the first place, this episode is for you. From the value of open rates to email’s future as a medium for successful creators, Alyssa and Melissa tackle the ever-present underlying question: email fact or email fiction?

email myths

Key Takeaways

[02:19] – Specific words will automatically send your email to the spam folder. This is a myth! Sender reputation and list health determine your deliverability.
[06:55] – When it comes to list collection, following legislation is enough. Don’t forget, subscribers need to give explicit permission to receive your marketing emails.
[09:43] – Email is dead (or dying). Far from the case, with social algorithms changing daily, email is more powerful than ever before.
[13:06] – Tips and tricks will push your email out of the promotions tab and into the primary tab in Gmail. These tricks don’t exist and landing in the promotions tab is usually beneficial.
[19:09] – Open rates should be the main metric you use to measure email success. Open rates are less reliable than ever. Focus on engagement instead.


[09:09] – “If you want to reach the inbox and you want to be a good responsible sender, you need to make sure that every single person on your list opted in for your messages and you are delivering what they were expecting to receive.” ~ @alyssa_dulin

[17:12] – “Trust the process, encourage engagement, but trying to trick an algorithm isn’t going to work for very long, even if you find a loophole. And it’s not going to make people more likely to purchase something from you.” ~ @mel_lambert_


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Alyssa Dulin

Alyssa is a Deliverability Lead located in Nashville, TN. She loves helping senders reach the inbox of their subscribers. Outside of work, Alyssa enjoys traveling, indoor cycling, and spending time with family.

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