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  1. Free Ebook Template: How to create a fantastic ebook in 48 hours 10 min read
  2. Email Deliverability: How to Make Sure You Land in the Inbox 17 min read
  3. How to Customize Your Optin Forms for Performance and Growth 6 min read
  4. The Power of Email Segmentation & How to Use It 14 min read
  5. How to Optimize Your Subscriber Experience with Redirect Pages 7 min read
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Issue #4

How to Optimize Your Subscriber Experience with Redirect Pages

Build Your Audience Marketing

Many bloggers believe that once your subscriber has clicked the buy button, your job is finished. You’ve nurtured them from reader to subscriber and finally to customer. You’ve accomplished your goal to get them to buy a product and that should be it. On to the next reader, right?

The disappointing truth is that too many bloggers believe this scenario. Whether it’s because they’re busy and always working on the next project or they honestly don’t know the benefits of following through, the truth is they’re missing out on a really big opportunity to continue interacting with that new customer and creating a memorable, enjoyable, and overall engaging experience.

Creating an engaging customer experience should always be at the forefront of your mind. As much as your products help you win over customers, the experience they have with you and your brand also plays a major role in whether or not they come back for more.

The copy you write, the value-packed sequences you create, and every social media post all add up to your customer experience. But there’s one area that most bloggers completely overlook when planning out customer experience– redirect pages.

How you can use redirect pages to optimize the subscriber experience

Out of all the people who see your blog, the ones that sign up for your newsletter, attend your webinars, and buy your products are the most valuable. They’re there because they want to be. They’re looking for something- help, information, products, guidance- and they’ve come to you.

You’ve got a captive audience with these subscribers, and now that you have their attention you need to leverage it. That means top to bottom, you need to find every little space for interaction you have with them and make it more readable, more exciting, more inviting, and more you. Doing this will give your subscribers more opportunity to build trust with you and see you as an authority.

This is also your chance to surprise and delight your subscribers. When they’re least expecting it, your redirect pages can be the perfect place for a free download, a discount, a new way to communicate with you, or even a way to turn a not-so-happy customer back into a raving fan.

How to optimize your Thank You pages for subscriber experience

Thank You pages are typically where you send a subscriber after some kind of conversion- filling out a form, subscribing, buying a product, etc. It acts as a confirmation so your subscriber knows their request was completed and can sometimes deliver your promise of a link for an eBook download or a further link into a webinar they signed up for.

There are endless ways to optimize the subscriber experience with your Thank You pages. Here are a few:

Help them get to know you more

More than whether or not a product is good, people are always looking to relate and identify with something. They want to feel part of the bigger picture and they want to know where things are coming from. With that in mind, use your Thank You pages as a ways to inject your personality.

Give your audience a face and personality to have a human-to-human interaction with. Be funny, be sarcastic, make a joke, post a GIF-whatever it is- you do you. Keep building your relationship with your audience right then and there.

Think Creative Collective shows their personalities with cutesy language.

Show your personality in your redirect pages
Redirect page from

Point them in the direction of more good stuff

Make it easy on your new subscriber to love you and use your Thank You page as a way to direct them toward even more information they might want. You can make your page a directory of all your other free downloads or a table of contents to your most popular blog posts.

Elle & Co use this Thank You page as a chance to offer up a collection of tools that will help their customer take the next step in organization.

How to use a redirect page
Redirect page from

The Upsell

If a reader has just purchased something from you, it’s likely they will buy even more. Give them that opportunity right out of the gate and catch their eye with an impulse buy by recommending similar products like the one they just purchased or some of your best sellers.

At AsianEfficiency, they add a countdown clock for a special offer to get customers to make another purchase.

How to use a redirect page
Redirect page from

This upsell can also happen even if the subscriber has downloaded a free incentive instead of purchasing a product. Your Thank You page for your downloads could become a sales page for your lowest priced product. If they click through this upsell, they’re qualifying themselves as someone who would pay for your products and then you can feel confident in sending them through a sequence to pitch a higher priced product.

How to optimize your opt-in confirmation for subscriber experience

Put your best foot forward by creating an opt-in experience that your customers will love. How you use opt-ins to bring new and potential subscribers into your fold and how you continue to use them to communicate with your current subscribers says a lot about who you are as a blogger and business owner.

A simple way to optimize the customer experience with your opt-in confirmation in ConvertKit is to tailor the content for each form and then the content for the confirmation email. By default in ConvertKit, your form will take a basic look. For the sake of example, let’s me show you how to customize a Minimal form.

This is the default look of your form:

Image of a default form in ConvertKit

To be more eye-catching and engaging for your reader, there are a couple easy pieces you can customize. You can easily edit the title, button text, and the text, accent, and button colors

how to customize your opt-in form in ConvertKit


To change the confirmation message you send your reader to receive their download, go the the Incentive Email tab and make your customization there.

How to optimize your incentive email

If you don’t have an opt-in incentive

It seems pretty simple that the way to optimize your opt-in confirmation when you have a content upgrade or incentive is to deliver on your promises quickly and efficiently. But what if you’re not offering an incentive?

If you have a newsletter opt-in form that doesn’t offer any other opt-in incentive, I highly suggest creating some kind of extra information for your confirmation page.

You can make it as simple as introducing yourself more to your new subscriber like Nutrition Stripped does for their newsletter confirmation opt-in.

How to use your redirect pages
Redirect page from

Or you could offer multiple options for the subscriber to choose from that helps you know more about them. For example, you could use the redirect page to ask the question, “What are you struggling with right now?” to find out where the reader is in their skill level and knowledge of your topic. Each option you provide is a link that triggers them into a sequence where you offer valuable, targeted information and eventually pitches your lowest entry product.

Ready to optimize your redirect pages?

Don’t let your redirect pages be a dead end. There’s an opportunity here to add your flair to these pages and optimize your customer’s experience through pitching them a new product you think they’ll love, asking a question, or even just adding a little humor to their day. Your readers are worth the extra effort, right?

What redirect pages are you going to work on first? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

Dani Stewart

As a daughter of an entrepreneur, the wife of an entrepreneur, and an entrepreneur herself, Dani has lived and learned all sides of creating and growing businesses. She is excited to bring all that life experience as well as a decade of crafting content to the ConvertKit community. She is a part-time baker, dinner-party planner, and lover of good bourbon living the simple life in Nashville with her husband, Sean.

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