Mailchimp vs ConvertKit

Ready for a MailChimp alternative? Creators are moving their email lists to ConvertKit for an advanced and accessible email marketing experience that truly delivers.

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I outgrew MailChimp's features the minute I got serious about growing my email list. After switching to ConvertKit, I not only have the ability to deliver multiple lead magnets, but I can also follow up with those subscribers based on their interests, converting more of them into paying customers.

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We won’t charge you twice for the same subscriber

ConvertKit is subscriber-based. That means you’re only paying for that loyal subscriber once instead of everytime they subscribe to a new list.

  • Tag-based segmentation means you get an accurate subscriber number
  • Sort and organize your subscribers through tags, forms, and sequences
  • Auto de-duplication means you’ll never send duplicate emails to the same subscriber no matter how many sequences they’re on

Unlimited and endlessly easy content upgrades

The more valuable content you create for your readers, the more authority you build as a blogger. ConvertKit was built with this incentive email list-building strategy in mind.

  • Simply create a new form and add a file download to the confirmation email for your incentive
  • Monitor how each content upgrade performs from your dashboard
  • There’s no limit to how many content upgrades you can create
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Simple and powerful automation

Quit fighting with your funnels and hacking solutions. While marketing automation can be hard to wrap your brain around, with ConvertKit it’s easy.

  • Easily add and remove tags from subscribers and subscribers from sequences
  • Include or exclude any forms, segments, courses, or tags when sending a broadcast or sequence
  • Easy and fast setup for automated funnels and email sequences

Mailchimp vs ConvertKit features comparison

We’re an email marketing company built by creators for creators. With our particular background and expertise, we’ve designed ConvertKit to give you everything you need and nothing you don’t. From delivering opt-in incentives to advanced automation triggers, you’ll be backed by our simple and powerful tool to grow your business.



Sequences / Campaigns / Automated emails
Easily delivers multiple opt-in incentives
Mobile-responsive emails
Drag and drop email templates (wait, why not?)
RSS to email automation
Customized form builder
Multiple forms per list
Easy form-specific opt-in incentives
Mobile-responsive forms
Custom fields
Tagging subscribers
Subscriber export/import
Automatically process duplicate subscribers
Advanced automations
Link triggers
Single-window editing of automated emails
Subscriber growth analytics
Broadcast analytics
Sequence analytics
A/B testing
E-Commerce integration

Concierge migration

Do you have over 5,000 subscribers? If so, you can take advantage of our concierge migration service. We’ll handle the move of all your forms, marketing automations, and subscribers for free.

And if you're under 5,000 subscribers, no worries. We can help with that too! Sign up here for a quick migration of your lists, groups, and tags.

I signed up for ConvertKit in the morning and by the end of the day the team had all my opt-in forms, courses, and lists migrated over. I just sat back and watched them work.

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