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Issue #13

How to Set Up Your Webinar Email Marketing Flow with Demio and ConvertKit

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I know what you’re thinking. I have to set up a webinar, booo!

I get it, there’s the time, the fear of tech failures, the fear of speaking, the writing of the emails, whew, it’s a lot!

And if it’s your first time, it can be all new and terrifying.

But the truth is– webinars can and should be the biggest asset in your business.

  • You’re just one high-converting webinar away from exponentially growing your business with a truly scalable marketing and sales plan.
  • You’re just one webinar away from exploding your lead generation because you’re getting leads for zero cost (or even making money while driving leads).
  • You’re just one webinar away from truly building a sustainable online business, one that allows you more time off, more profitability, more happiness, and the business that you’ve always dreamed of.

That’s what a webinar can do. It’s an organic marketing campaign that truly gives you the keys to unlocking a leveraged sales machine.

Ok, so you know you need to do a webinar, but now it’s about getting the right tools setup.

Since you’re here, we’ll assume you are already rocking with ConvertKit, so this short article will walk you through exactly how to integrate your Visual Automations with a simple, easy-to-use webinar platform.

Meet Demio– a smart webinar platform on a simple mission.

Below, I’ll walk you through each step to setting up a proper workflow from integrating the accounts together, to the exact formula, to creating a beautiful workflow automation for your event.

The best part? Once you set this up once, you can easily duplicate or re-use the campaign over and over as you grow and tweak your presentation. That way, you can stop worrying about that setup and those tech hurdles so you can focus on doing what you do best!

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Integrate Demio and ConvertKit using API Keys

You’ll need your API keys to get this party started. Inside of Convertkit, you’ll go to your Settings and Account info. Here, you’ll find your API key to add to Demio to start syncing up that data.

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 1

Simply copy your API Key and API secret key from ConvertKit and paste right into the Demio Integration section in the settings area of Demio. Click connect and you’ll have the two apps speaking directly to each other!

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 2

Boom! Step 1 is done 🙂

Step 2: Set up your tags in ConvertKit

Once you have the integrations connected, it’s time to jump over to ConvertKit and start organizing the essentials you’ll need to build out a webinar flow automation. It’s a simple set up, but I typically like to start with creating my tags.

One thing that’s extremely helpful here is coming up with a system to help organize and understand your tags/campaigns. Naming conventions are important here so you don’t get lost in your own tagging and segmentation.

I like to use brackets and names to let me know what the tags are for, the type of tag, and then a date for a specific event. For example: [Webinar] Registered – Nov 1 Event.

To start adding tags, go to your Subscriber area and start organizing the ones you’ll need:

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 3

Hit “+Create a Tag” and enter that tag name.

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 4

Next, create all the tags you’ll want to have for the campaign, specifically:

  • Registered
  • Did Not Attend
  • Joined
  • Completed

It would look like so:

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 5

Nice! Now, let’s move back to Demio and get that event set up.

Step 3: Create Demio event and sync tags

Now that your tags are all set up inside ConvertKit, flip over to Demio and start syncing those tags with your Registration and Automation Rules. Demio makes this super easy, but you’ll want to first create your event for the right date/time and then flip over to your Registration section.

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 6

Here you’ll find “+ Add Integration” where you’ll start the connection between ConvertKit and Demio. Choose the tag you want to have added on Registration and it will automatically connect the two.

For this example, I chose [Webinar] Registered – Nov 1 Event

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 7

Now that this is set up, your webinar is going to be all prepped for ConvertKit automations. You can go back to your “Advanced” dropdown on the top right side and scroll down to “Automation Rules.” Here you’ll find triggers to fire based on what your Registrant does on the webinar.

You can select a specific trigger and then add an ACTION on the right side to apply a tag to it.

For instance, if the registrant “Does not Attend,” then you want a tag to be added that they did not attend– which you’ll use as a trigger in ConvertKit to send off a few non-attendee emails in your Automation.

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 8

Next, simply choose the tag for each campaign and hit “Save Rule.”

If you’ve followed my same tags, here’s the short list of triggers that will fire for you from Demio.

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 9

One of my favorite automations is also saving the unique JOIN LINK for each registrant directly into ConvertKit so I can send easy marketing reminders or blast with the link.

Here’s exactly how to do it:

Go to a subscriber record and add a new custom field; in this case, “Webinar Join Link” would work:

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 10

the Automation Rules, go to Registers and hit the action for “Save Join Link”. Then, find your new custom field in your custom field list. Save and boom! That will now automatically save that unique link to your CRM to be placed in emails.

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 11

Schweeeet, let’s head back over to ConvertKit and make our Automation now.

Step 4: Create registration campaign flow

Your first step here is creating the initial action that will launch the campaign. You’ve already set that up in Demio, which is a tag that is added upon registration.

Your goal here would be to email out a confirmation and marketing based email to keep people’s excitement up on the upcoming event.

Go to “Automations” and create a new Automation.

Set up the initial action to be the tag you used on Registration.

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 12

Depending on the length of your communication, set up an email sequence with one or multiple emails to go out based on how many marketing notifications you want to make.

Once your starting automation action is set, you’ll want an initial email sequence to go out and let them know what to expect.

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 13

In the Sequence Email, put in your specific Email Subject and message. I like to add in my unique “Webinar Join Link” merge field, too, near the end.

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 14

If you are doing this as an evergreen campaign, you can build this sequence with delays directly, OR you can add a “condition” for a specific date and time. This is a great help for when you have an upcoming date/time webinar and want specific email segments to go out based on the date.

For this example campaign, I’ll have one more email go out on the 31st reminding my registrants of the webinar the next day.

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 15

Woohoo! Your initial email sequence is now set up. Of course, you can make more emails if you want to really get people excited. Pre-Webinar campaigns are extremely powerful and can send excitement and intrigue through the roof.

Video Training and Personal Video Messages also give a great pre-webinar aura to start that relationship building before even getting to the event.

The true goal, of course, is to raise your registration-to-attendance percentage up higher (a.ka. getting more people to attend)!

Now that you’ve completed this step, it’s time to move on to creating the follow-up sequences.

Step 5: Adding your segmented follow up

Adding on to your automation, you can quickly add in the advanced automations from your Webinar Event to move the subscriber to the perfect flow, based on what they did on the event. This is awesome, because you don’t have to make multiple flows, just one automation flow that will move people to the perfect next step!

You’ll have two basic flows: registrants who showed up and joined the event, and those who did not join.

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 16

But you can follow through with this even more with one more simple step:

Use a “Condition” if the registrants have the tag “Completed” so you know they didn’t leave early.

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 17

This sits under the “Joined event” like so:

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 18

Perfect! Now you’ve got three flows to go through.

Registrants who “Joined, but didn’t complete the event”, “Joined, but DID complete the event”, and then those who “didn’t join the event at all”. That’s some awesome deep targeting.

This is obviously a bit more complex, and if you’re just starting out, I’d suggest just doing Joined and Did Not Attend as a basic follow up to get things going quickly.

Now it’s just about writing the email sequences for each segment.

Joined, but did not attend:

For this section, move the registrants to a replay sequence. These people are usually interested, but didn’t have the time to attended the event. Putting them in a replay sequence will push them forward with excitement of what you covered or any testimonials from what people heard/learned at the event.

Joined, and attended:

For this group, focus on the offer and objection overcomes. There must be some sticking point to why they did not check out the product or offering. Typically, these come down to:

  • Price Objection
  • Timing Objection
  • Scarcity Objection
  • Not ready yet objection

Use this sequence to try to demolish as many of these objections as you can. If you’re really doing a high ticket offer, you can also offer to talk to them through a one-on-one call or demo and work to abolish these objections directly. This is a huge win!

Didn’t attend:

For those who did not attend at all, push them on the angles and benefits of the event in the first place; get them excited again and then push them to the replay.

Let them know there are tons of special items in the event and it’s only up for a few days (adding scarcity to the replay here). Next, send them to a replay page that gives excitement, testimonials, and a breakdown of the offer, then link to a checkout or more specific order page.

I suggest only writing about two to four emails for this segment, and near the last sections of the email sequence, move more into the “hard close” of the special being over and really push that scarcity.

ConvertKit Demio Integration Step 19

Ready to set up your webinar integration?

The best part of something like this? It’s extremely easy to re-use for EVERY webinar event.

You can copy and paste your Demio event with the same exact tags (or simply change the Registration/Automation Rule tags in Demio and ConvertKit for date tracking) and just reconnect to the emails.

The Sequences can stay the same with specific dates/times on your reminder and registration campaigns changing only. By using time delay emails on the last sequences, you can even have those as static emails you can improve and update along the way.

By doing this, you’re able to run live webinars daily or weekly and reduce that campaign setup time.

Finally, at the end of the campaign, I like to add a goal for those who actually take up the product. Here, I’d sync my shopping cart or purchase from SamCart or Zapier to add a tag when a purchase is made.

That will move them right out of any sequence and move them into a Product:Purchaser sequence I make.

And that’s a wrap!

Now it’s time to get your own Webinar Automation Flow set up and rocking.

Let me know if you have questions in the comments below.

David Abrams

David Abrams is the Co-Founder and CEO of Demio. He is focused on creating a highly streamlined SaaS company with an amazing product. He loves meeting and working with entrepreneurs and spending off time in the outdoors or playing basketball (or drinking wine)!

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