How to create a buzz for your next launch in 2022 with a coming soon landing page

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Everyone loves the buzz and energy that comes right before a big reveal.

The experience is similar to attending a live theater show.

Rushing to find your seat amongst the crowd, you’ll likely see a large red curtain that spans the entire length of the stage. The curtains hide what is going on behind-the-scenes as you wait with anticipation before the show starts.

This is how it should feel when you unveil a new brand, product, or service.

Instead of launching to a sparse audience or an empty room, you’ll want to use your time in the pre-launch stage to attract people who are intrigued and want to learn more about what you are creating before it launches.

The best way to do this is by building your email list with a coming soon landing page.

This coming soon page will act as a curtain that builds interest, collects the contact information of each potential customer, and gives them an exclusive inside look into what you’ve been working on.

Valentine Lister's coming soon landing page
Example of a coming soon landing page. Image via Valentine Lister

As you think about creating your own coming soon landing page, you might be wondering why email marketing is better for generating launch buzz than social media.

One benefit is that it’s a direct line of communication to your people, meaning you don’t have to deal with changing social media algorithms that keep you from reaching your entire audience. Since social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook only show your organic posts to 2-3% of your followers, it’s better to turn those followers into email subscribers.

Once someone becomes an email subscriber, you can set up an email sequence that welcomes them into your community and gives them valuable educational content. This will build their trust and prime them for when you’re ready to launch and sell a new offering. And, get this: email subscribers can be worth as much as 15 times more than social media followers in terms of sales conversions.

It’s also easier to sell to a warm audience than a cold one. With a coming soon landing page, you can collect contact information from warm leads who are interested in your offer and want to hear from you.

Are you ready to build buzz around your upcoming launch?

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We’ll help you get started by helping you create a few crucial elements for your coming soon landing page.

4 coming soon landing page elements you need

You only need four things to create an effective coming soon landing page: an attention-grabbing headline, short description copy, eye-catching imagery, and a simple call-to-action (CTA) button. In this section, we’ll walk you through how to create each element.

It shouldn’t take you days or even hours to make a landing page. By walking you through how to write your landing page content and choose your landing page design template, you’ll be able to publish your coming soon landing page in no time.

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Element #1: Headlines that pop!

Your headline is often the first thing someone sees when they visit your coming soon landing page. You want to make it pop! The message of your headline should be concise and clear. Don’t worry about being overly clever with your headline.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when coming up with headlines that could work for your coming soon page. Instead, customize some of our examples and brainstorm a few options of your own.

Road Warrior Recharge's coming soon landing page
Example of a coming soon landing page headline. Image via Road Warrior Recharge

For our first headline example, it probably isn’t surprising for us to mention that you can put “Coming soon” right into the headline. We recommend including the name of your offering or brand in the headline if you choose this option, just like the creators did in this Road Warrior Recharge coming soon landing page example.

By including the name in the actual headline, you’ll be able to remind your audience of what they’re signing up to learn more about in order to build initial buzz for your offer.

Another headline option is “Join the waiting list.” This option can feel more action-oriented than a simple “coming soon” message.

A “join the waiting list” headline could be a great fit if you are launching a new product with a limited-time offer or you’re about to launch an evergreen product for the first time. For more inspiration, take a peek at this landing page example from True Fitness.

True Fitness coming soon landing page
Example of a Join the Waitlist headline. Image via True Fitness

Our last headline example that you can customize to fit your brand is “Be the first to know.

This headline makes your audience members feel like exclusive insiders when they sign up. After joining your list, they get to know what’s happening behind-the-scenes before anyone else. We love how the digital agency Illuminated has positioned their “be the first to know” offer with their coming soon landing page.

Illuminated Insight's coming soon landing page
Example of a Be the First to Know headline. Image via Illuminated Insights

Element #2: Informative but not too detailed copy

Most people will be signing up for your email list because they want to be notified when you launch, but you can also use your description copy to explain what will happen when they sign up. You don’t want to leave them hanging!

In this Automate in 30 Days course coming soon page, the creator decided to use the description copy to outline everything new subscribers will receive. This includes exclusive deals, systems education, and more information about when the program opens.

Automate in 30 Days course coming soon landing page
Example of coming soon landing page description copy. Image via Automate in 30 Days

Also, you might want to use your description copy to share what’s special about your offer. In this Coffee Marketing course coming soon landing page example, the creator shares that this offer is the first ever course of its kind.

Coffee marketing course coming soon landing page
Coming soon landing page copy should share what's special about your offer. Image via Catalyst Coffee

Sure, there are hundreds of other marketing courses on the web, but none of them specifically cater to the owners of coffeeshops.

In the description, it says to “Join the waitlist for the world's first coffee marketing course.” This makes people excited to get specific tips on how to create a better marketing strategy within their niche.

What makes your offer unique? Why should people sign up for updates? What can you offer that makes people want to immediately sign up for your list? How you answer these questions will guide you as you write the description copy.

Element #3: Imagery that confirms the written content

Your audience’s first impression of your offer is largely determined by the imagery they see on your coming soon landing page. Ask yourself what you want your imagery to communicate. Make sure the photos or graphics you select are aligned with your landing page goals.

When someone visits on your coming soon page for the first time, they draw conclusions about your offer based on your imagery. If your imagery fits the offer and is consistent with the rest of your brand designs, you’ve chosen a winner.

You can use branded photography, personal headshots, stock imagery, illustrations, and any variety of graphic elements to make your coming soon landing page stand out. If you want to create your own graphics, use a free tool like Canva to get started. Otherwise, you can look at free stock imagery sites like Unsplash to find a relevant photo.

Take this Squared Away Math membership coming soon landing page as an example. By using a styled stock photo of a calculator, protractor, ruler, and other miscellaneous class supplies, it tells the visitor what they’re going to be learning about (which is math, in this case).

Squared Away Math's coming soon landing page
Example of imagery on a coming soon landing page. Image via Squared Away Math

Since there are bright colors in the styled stock photo, it helps that the landing page creator decided to adjust the photo’s opacity so the email sign-up form stands out even more.

Want to dazzle your audience even more? You could use your coming soon landing page as a way to unveil your logo and brand identity.

The logo could be for a new brand you’re about to launch or a logo you created for a signature course, workshop, or another product. You can see how Business Minded Moms did this with their Virtual Markers U course landing page.

Business Minded Moms coming soon landing page example
Example of using a logo on your coming soon landing page. Image via Business Minded Moms

In addition to revealing their logo for the course, Business Minded Moms also added stock images of floral bouquets, adding a feminine touch to their landing page. Since they exclusively market their course to other moms, these images make sense.

Speaking of stock images, we also love the stock photo in this coming soon landing page example from Raised Good. Before launching their Good Science Sleep Guides, they decided to build their email list with a coming soon page.

Raised Good's coming soon landing page
Example of good stock photograph on a landing page. Image via Raised Good

By choosing a sweet image of a mom holding her sleeping newborn, it immediately tells a story about what the product is (sleep-related education) and who the product is for (new parents). It also illustrates the ideal lifestyle their audience could attain by utilizing the product (a good night’s sleep for the mom and baby).

Selecting the right image for your landing page starts with setting good landing page goals and determining what landing page template will help you accomplish them. Sign up for a free ConvertKit account to browse through our library of landing page design templates.

Element #4: CTA button that seals the deal

It doesn’t matter how well-crafted your headline and description copy is if you don’t have a CTA button on your landing page. Your CTA button should be easy to find with clear language as to what will happen when someone signs up.

It’s even better if you can create a CTA button with a high-contrasted color that stands out on your coming soon landing page, like this example from 12 Minute Athlete Academy.

12 Minute Athlete Academy's coming soon landing page
Use a contrasting color on your CTA button. Image via 12 Minute Athlete

There are many CTA button copy phrases you can use to increase your email sign-ups. You might want to test different variations on your coming soon landing page to make sure you choose the highest converting option.

Here are a few CTA examples to customize for your own launch:

  • Sign up / Sign me up
  • Get updates / Send me updates
  • Join us / Join in / Join now / Join waitlist
  • Subscribe / Subscribe for updates
  • Tell me more / I want to know more

You can also choose a simple CTA button like “Notify me,” which is used by Brennan of Double Your Freelancing for his Mastering ConvertKit coming soon landing page. It’s simple, to-the-point, and helps him collect interest for his course.

Double Your Freelancing's coming soon landing page
Example of simple CTA. Image via Double Your Freelancing

Best practices for coming soon landing pages

Now that you know what goes into a great coming soon landing page, you’re almost ready to create your own page inside ConvertKit. Before you choose a landing page design template and start running with it, here are a few best practices to keep in mind.

Inject personality into your copy and imagery

Your coming soon landing page needs to be clear and concise, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with how you write and design it.

We love how Jade Jemma wrote her landing page headline to say “Got sales bootcamp FOMO?”. By using casual slang and the abbreviation for “fear of missing out,” she makes a personal connection with people who want to sign up for her sales program waitlist.

Jade Jemma's coming soon landing page
Example of personality driving copy. Image via Jade Jemma

It also helps that she added an approachable photo of herself to remind her audience of who they’ll be learning from. Showing the face behind your brand is always a good idea because it helps you build trust with your audience.

Make sure your imagery fits your visual branding

Do you have a list of visual branding guidelines that help you keep all of your brand visuals consistent and cohesive? If not, it’s worth it to set aside time to choose a few signature fonts, colors, and other graphic elements to make sure your brand identity is easily recognizable.

When you select imagery for your coming soon page, you can choose colors that fit with your logo, like this website audit course waitlist landing page. The seafoam green color in the logo matches the green-colored hue of the background image. It’s an instant fit!

Website audit course coming soon landing page
Using brand colors on your coming soon landing page. Image via Courses for Communicators

Amplify urgency with a countdown timer

Not only do countdown timers  show when you're actually going to do your service or product launch and when subscribers can expect to hear from you, it also adds urgency to make them sign up now. On top of that, it adds to the overall excitement.

ConvertKit countdown timer
Use ConvertKit’s countdown timer in newsletters, sequence emails, forms, and landing pages. Image via ConvertKit.

Find out how to embed countdown timers in your landing page with ConvertKit.

Tease them with a video

Depending on what you're launching, it may make sense to give your audience a sneak preview of your new course, coaching program, or digital product in action. If you're launching a service you can also use it to increase your trustworthiness and give people a better idea if you're the right choice for them.

Check out how to embed videos in your landing page with ConvertKit.

Add social proof

Have you already done a similar service or product launch? If yes, add some testimonials from people that have already bought and loved your product.

Offer a discount or freebie

Everyone loves having the opportunity to save money. That’s why you see so many eCommerce businesses offer up to 10-15% discounts for new email subscribers in their pop-up forms. You can follow a similar approach by giving people who sign up early a special discount for the product or service you’re about to launch.

If you don’t want to offer a percentage discount, you could give a certain amount of in-store credit toward your product or service once it launches.

This landing page example shows how to do this by offering $5 worth of in-store credits for their Marketplace. Subscribers can then use those credits toward any template purchase of their choice once the shop launches.

Launching marketplace coming soon landing page
Offer a discount on your coming soon landing page. Image via Layerbag

If you’d rather offer something valuable for free to new subscribers, you can sweeten the deal by including a lead magnet offer to your coming soon landing page. The downloadable lead magnet can be easily connected inside ConvertKit by customizing the incentive email that will be sent to your audience after they sign up. It will do all of the work for you!

Sign up for your free ConvertKit account to start building your email list before you launch!

Create a welcome email for new subscribers

What happens after someone signs up for your waitlist or email list on your landing page? You may not have immediate updates to share with them, but you will want to use this as an opportunity to welcome them into your list.

Here are a few things you can include in your welcome email:

  • Thank the subscriber for joining your email community
  • Tell them more about yourself and what inspired your upcoming launch
  • Give them a status update of where you are in the process (if it makes sense)
  • Share when you are planning to launch (if it makes sense)
  • Explain why you are so excited about the launch and why they should be too
  • Tease that you are going to be sending more sneak peeks in the next few weeks
  • Ask your audience a question that relates to your launch to increase email engagement

If you want to go above and beyond, you can turn that welcome email into a nurture email sequence that gives you more of an opportunity to teach your audience what you know. Through the sequence, you’ll educate your audience on niche topics that relate to your offer. That way, you can build trust before your big launch.

Make sure it's responsive

Just a quick reminder to always check your coming soon landing pages looks fabulous no matter if someone will view it on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Now it’s time to choose your coming soon landing page template

Check out this quick tutorial to get your next coming soon landing page set up for free in ConvertKit:

Once you are inside your ConvertKit account, you’ll see an option in the navigation bar that says “Forms and Landing Pages.” Click it and then choose to create a landing page.

This will give you the opportunity to explore all of our landing page templates, designed with creators like you in mind. Choose the best fit for your coming soon page and start inputting the four core elements you’ve already created.

ConvertKit landing page template page

Then you’ll be ready to hit publish.

We can’t wait to see what you create inside our landing page builder!

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