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Goal trackers: 13 tools to help you reach your goals

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Finding the best goal tracker is a lot like dating: you need to get to know different tools to find your perfect match before eventually finding one that motivates you to be your best self.

But who wants to spend time testing and trying different goal trackers only to find they don’t actually help you achieve your goals?

Not you, that’s who!

Today, we’re breaking down the best goal trackers around. From visual trackers to trackers that help teams, you’ll find one that holds you accountable and helps you reach your big dreams!

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Best visual goal trackers

Do progress charts keep you moving forward? Consider using one of these visual goal trackers where you can geek out over beautiful graphs.

1. GoalsOnTrack

Goals on track
Image via Goals on Track.

This goal tracker is for: Creators who want to make vision boards and detailed reports to track goals and habits.

Key features:

  • A time tracker to track the time you spend on your tasks
  • S.M.A.R.T. goal templates
  • Vision board generator
  • An online journal to jot down your thoughts

GoalsOnTrack helps you create S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-specific) goals based on templates they provide. They also let you break down big goals into smaller, more achievable goals.

Here’s how it works: for each goal, create a list of tasks you need to complete before reaching the goal and assign due dates to each task to help you stay accountable and on track.

GoalsOnTrack assigns each goal a progress bar to help you see how close you are to completing it and create charts to help you review your progress.

Goals on track
Charts help you visualize your progress through goal progress trackers and aggregated reports. Image via GoalsOnTrack.

GoalsOnTrack also has a place to set new habits, create vision boards, and a journal where you can write about your progress.

Cost: $68/year.

2. Lifetick

Image via Lifetick.

This goal tracker is for: Creators who love data and want a way to analyze their goals via custom reports.

Key features:

  • Templates to create S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Detailed reports you can export to CSV for further analysis
  • Space to write personal journal entries
  • Invite others to collaborate with you on your goals

Using Lifetick’s S.M.A.R.T. goal templates, you can map out your goals and the tasks you must complete before reaching them.

Use Lifetick’s templates to create S.M.A.R.T. goals. Image via Lifetick.

If you feel like working with friends, you can add other people to your goals and hold one another accountable—perfect for teams or those who want a little extra support!

With their visual reports, you can see which goals you’re crushing and which ones need more attention.

Want to dive deeper into your goal data? Lifetick lets you export your reports to CSV format, where you can build custom reports and further analyze your data.

Cost: Plans range from free to $20/month.

Best goal tracking apps

Always on the go? Consider one of these goal tracking apps to use on your mobile device.

3. Way of Life

Way of life goal tracker
Image via Way of Life.

This goal tracker is for: Creators wanting to improve their health by building better habits and setting more boundaries.

Key features:

  • Use charts and reports to identify trends in your habits
  • Online diary for writing down your thoughts
  • Reminders to help you stay on track and build good habits

Your goals don’t always need to center around work. Part of maintaining a healthy work-life balance is to spend time working on your personal goals as well.

Way of Life helps you track your progress in building daily habits like drinking enough water, exercising, reading, or meditating. Whichever habits you want to make—or break—Way of Life will help.

Cost: Free or a one-time payment of $9.99 to access the premium version.

4. ATracker

Image via ATracker.

This goal tracker is for: Creators with time-related goals who need to track time spent on projects.

Key features:

  • Build reports in a variety of ways that make sense to you, like pie charts or line graphs
  • Add tags to tasks for better organization
  • Export data to CSV format
  • Track the time you spend on each goal

ATracker is a time tracking goal app to help you track your tasks and see visual reports of where you’re spending your time.

As a creator juggling multiple tasks, understanding how you allocate your time can improve your time management. For example, if your goal is to send out your email newsletter weekly, you can use ATracker to block out 60 minutes every week to write your newsletter.

Cost: Plans range from free to $4.99/month.

5. Momentum Habit Tracker

Momentum Habit Tracker
Image via Momentum Habit Tracker.

This goal tracker is for: On-the-go creators who want to track goals and habits through their Apple products (iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch).

Key features:

  • Daily reminders to hold you accountable
  • Export data to CSV
  • Jot down notes to better understand your habits
  • Choose weekly targets to track your habits

When you think of Jerry Seinfield, you might not think of productivity, but the Momentum Habit Tracker sure does. They love Jerry Seinfield’s Productivity Secret so much that they developed an entire app around it.

Based on the idea that the longer you stick with a habit, the more likely it is to stick, Momentum Habit Tracker helps you develop healthy habits by sending daily reminders to all your Apple devices.

Cost: Free or upgrade to the premium version for $6.99.

Best goal trackers for solo creators

If you’re running your business solo, these goal trackers are perfect for you!

Image via

This goal tracker is for: Creators who want to build regular habits but don’t want to do it alone.

Key features:

  • Get paired with a personal coach to hold you accountable to your goals
  • Step-by-step instructions to help you reach your goals
  • Reminders sent to your phone to help you commit to your goals
  • Reports to track your progress

Feeling like you need extra accountability to reach your goals? Enter Through their premium coaching program, you are paired with a professional coach who will help you build habits that last.

And if you prefer to try their free habit tracker, you can take advantage of detailed instructions—created by their coaches—to help you reach your goals.

Cost: Free habit tracker with premium coaching plans starting at $25/month

7. StickK

Image via StickK.

This goal tracker is for: Creators who want to gamify their goal-setting experience.

Key features:

  • Option to donate money if you don’t stick to your goals
  • “Commitment Contracts” to bind you to your goals
  • Ability to invite friends or family to cheer you on along the way

When it comes to creating your goal-setting plan, StickK means business. After enrolling with StickK, you’ll sign a Commitment Contract binding yourself to your goal of choice.

And if a contract isn’t enough motivation, how about putting money on the line? According to StickK, financial stakes increase your chance of success up to 3 times. StickK lets you specify how much you’d like to donate every time you don’t make your goals. (And yes, you can forfeit this option if you want!)

Automatically donate money if you don’t make your goals. Image via StickK.

Cost: Free.

8. Strides

Strides goal tracker
Image via Strides.

This goal tracker is for: Creators who struggle to focus on the present and want a goal tracker with custom tracking systems.

Key features:

  • Four different tracking systems to suit your goals: habit, target, average, and project
  • Create your own goals or use templates to break down goals into steps
  • Progress charts to help you visualize your progress
  • Celebratory messages to keep you motivated

Strides is the perfect goal tracking software if you tend to look towards the future rather than live in the present. It filters your tasks to the ones you need to complete first, so you spend less time worrying about future goals and more time working on those that need attention right now.

This flexible goal tracker is designed to fit your needs through their four different tracking systems:

  • Habit: Helps you track good or bad habits.
  • Target: Uses a target number as your end goal. For example, getting a certain number of email subscribers.
  • Average: Takes the average for your tasks, like average hours slept each night, and breaks it down day by day.
  • Project: Breaks down big projects into smaller milestones with due dates for each milestone.
Strides goal tracker
Strides has four different tracking systems suited for different goals. Image via Strides.

And each time you complete a goal, Strides will send you a little celebratory message!

Cost: Free and up to $79.99 for a lifetime subscription.

9. Joe’s Goals

Joe’s Goals
Image via Joe’s Goals.

This goal tracker is for: Creators who want a simple goal tracker with no extra frills.

Key features:

  • Plus and minus system to track positive and negative habits
  • Online journal to write down your thoughts

Joe’s Goals is a no-frills goal tracker that tracks the scores for your specific goals.

Joe’s Goals refers to goals as “negative” and “positive”. Every time you complete a positive goal—like writing your weekly newsletter—you receive one point. However, every time you engage in a negative goal—like missing your weekly newsletter—you lose a point. You can use the point system to see which goals you miss, what you need to improve, and where you’re excelling.

Joe’s Goals also comes with a simple virtual journal known as Joe’s Logbook to journal about your progress.

Cost: Free.

10. Goal Buddy

Goal Buddy
Image via Goal Buddy.

This goal tracker is for: Creators who have big dreams and goals they need help breaking down.

Key features:

  • In-depth goal setting templates
  • Add friends, family, or connect with other members of Goal Buddy to stay motivated
  • Create and manage tasks for each goal

If you struggle to break down your goals, let me introduce you to Goal Buddy. Goal Buddy sets you up for success by breaking down the goals you set into achievable chunks. When you set a new goal, Goal Buddy will walk you through each step you need to achieve your goal.

First, define your goal. Next, establish habits needed to reach your goal. Then create tasks needed to support your habits and goals. Lastly, review your goal to make sure it’s S.M.A.R.T.

After creating a goal with Goal Buddy’s rigorous process, you can invite people to help hold you accountable. Goal setting is more fun when you have friends cheering you on!

Goal Buddy
Break down big goals using Goal Buddy. Image via Goal Buddy.

Cost: Free.

11. Notion

Notion goal tracker
Image via Notion.

This goal tracker is for: Writers who want a simple goal tracking system integrated with planning and writing apps or creators who want to start writing daily.

Key features:

  • Jot down quick notes with the notepad
  • Journal and write with the text editor
  • Create tasks for each goal and split tasks up into “To Do”, “Doing”, and “Done”

Although Notion is widely known as being a collaborative tool for high-performance teams, they also have a free task and goal tracking system for personal use.

You can use Notion to create notes and organize your to-do list and goals. And if your goal is to improve your writing and write newsletters your audience loves, Notion’s text editor is the perfect place to practice your prose.

Notion goal tracker
Use Notion’s text editor to improve your writing or journal about your experience. Image via Notion.

When working on your goals, you can organize them by tags and group them into goals you need to do, goals you are currently working on, and goals you have completed. Within each goal you set, you can create subtasks required to achieve your goal.

Notion goal tracker
Break your goals into subtasks to help you see a clear path to reach your goal. Image via Notion.

Cost: Free.

Best goal trackers for teams

If you have a team, you need goal tracking software that lets you collaborate with different people. Keep everyone on the same page at all times with these goal trackers for teams.

12. ClickUp

Image via ClickUp.

This goal tracker is for: Creators with large teams who outsource many different tasks.

Key features:

  • Create and assign tasks to specific team members
  • Track goals for each team member with progress bars
  • Keep tasks private from other team members

If you find yourself outsourcing different tasks and need a central place to collaborate, consider using ClickUp!

ClickUp lets you create folders specific to each goal and task you need to be completed.

Within each task, you can set and assign goals and milestones. ClickUp works well for large teams since you can choose who has access to documents, tasks, and goals.

Cost: Free plan and up to $5/month.

13. Asana

Image via Asana.

This goal tracker is for: Teams and creators who need a robust tool to track tasks and goals.

Key features:

  • Delegate goals and tasks specific team members
  • Track the progress of your goals
  • Premade marketing goal templates to help you with launches, email marketing, social media tasks, and more

Asana acts as your master to-do list, allowing you to create task lists for any goals you have with your business.

Want to plan a big launch? Use Asana to map out every detail, assign tasks to specific team members, and watch as your dreams come to life. You can also create various tasks that are only visible to specific team members so you don’t overwhelm your team.

There’s also a commenting functionality that turns task items into forums for collaborators to discuss and brainstorm new ideas.

Cost: Free and up to $24.99/month.

Tips for making the most out of your goal tracking software

After settling on your goal tracking software, you’re one step closer to reaching your goals! Make the most of your goal tracker by following these tips:

  1. Set specific goals: Make sure your goals are realistic and be clear about what you want to achieve. For example, if you want to grow your email list, determine how many new subscribers you want and the date you want those new subscribers.
  2. Create a mix of professional and personal goals: Don’t forget to set professional goals and personal ones; it’s important to have a healthy balance of both.
  3. Break down your goals into actionable pieces: Breaking down big dreams into smaller milestones helps you feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement along the way.
  4. Perform regular check-ins: Review what’s working and what’s not. It’s ok to reassess your goals and change course—especially if they are beginning to burn you out. Be flexible and be prepared to adjust your goal timeline if needed.
  5. Prioritize (and schedule) rest: It’s easy to say you’ll rest, but unless you block away time for it, you might forget about it. Schedule rest, so you don’t run out of steam.

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Whether you want to send out a consistent newsletter or reach your next 1,000 subscribers, it’s entirely possible with the above goal trackers and ConvertKit.

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