ConvertKit’s Most Interesting Findings from The State of the Blogging Industry 2017

State of Blogging

Our mission here at ConvertKit is to help turn blogging into a legitimate career. We're not just talking “how to make money on the internet” kind of blogging, but the important work so many of our customers are doing to help their readers live better lives, be more informed, and create positive change in the world.

Bloggers are a fascinating group of humans who are driven by a desire to exercise their creativity and build an independent income that helps them become self-employed. They cover blog topics ranging from online business and marketing to vegan recipes to productivity to Christian living.

Many bloggers are entrepreneurs with creative business models who sell everything from advertisements to ebooks to software applications. In the process some of them become what we like to call “professional bloggers”, which we define as making more than the median household income in the United States… and many of them do all of that without a “real job.”

But when we talk about “bloggers” we often get a funny response that looks a bit like a confused puppy face. “What is a blogger?” people say. Or, “Aren't bloggers just people who can't get a real job?”

“Aren't bloggers just people who can't get a real job?”

The resounding answer is: No.

We know all of this because of a project we started in 2016. The project originated from an idea a couple of our ConvertKit teammates had while sitting at a conference. “If no one gets what “blogger” means, why don't we find out and then share our findings with everyone we know?”

In August 2016, we launched a survey to find out. With the help of a few key promotional partners, we were able to gather more than 850 responses to our survey. It took those respondents an average of more than 20 minutes to complete the survey and we gathered more than 50,000 data points in the process.

Survey respondents shared everything about their blogs and the businesses those blogs power. The told us about their motivations for starting a blog, how much money they make from their businesses, the work habits they follow to stay productive, how they grow their audiences, the struggles they face and much more.

What emerged was a powerful portrait of an industry that's often mocked but very seldom understood. Well, today that starts to change.

“Bloggers are a fascinating group of humans who are driven by a desire to exercise their creativity and build an independent income that helps them become self-employed.”

The State of the Blogging Industry 2017 report is the first annual report of many to come and it captures all of our findings from the survey. You can read the entire report online here, but first, we put together an infographic of our most interesting findings from the report to whet your appetite.



As you can see, we uncovered some fascinating information about what it means to be a blogger and where the blogging industry is headed in 2017. This is the first annual report of its kind and we expect to continue publishing this report for many years to come.

To accompany the report, we've created a full media kit for our readers, which includes the infographic above, Tweetable images, images of our favorite graphs from the report, swipe copy if you'd like to email your audience about the report, and a number of writing prompts if you'd like to write an article, record a podcast episode or make a video about it. Download the media kit here.

If you're an Instagram lover, follow along with us there as we bring the report data to life by highlighting portraits of the real bloggers who responded to our survey. And stay tuned here on the blog for more behind the scenes posts on how we built the survey, analyzed the data, created the report, and launched it with a full promotion plan in place.

Without further ado… We've published the full report for free online, no email address required. We've also made a beautiful PDF version that is downloadable in exchange for your email address, which we promise to take good care of. Read the full State of the Blogging Industry 2017 report here. When you're done, let us know what you think on Twitter @ConvertKit!

Barrett Brooks

Barrett is the COO at ConvertKit. He is a servant leader, entrepreneur, sustainability advocate, optimist, avid learner, writer and outdoor enthusiast. Based in Portland, OR, his work is driven by the belief that business is one of the most powerful forces for good in the world. You can find him hiking, skiing, reading, throwing a dinner party, or spending time with his wife, son and pups.

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