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Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

We know you’re pumped to get things started, so we pulled together some resources to help you get that proverbial ball rolling. We hope that after reading the blogs in this Toolkit you’ll be able to confidently set up your blog and start making a living as blogger.

Beginner blogger

This might be commonly referred to as the “Beginner Blogger Toolkit”, but it’s far from basic and will take you well past that starting point. This Toolkit is full of advice from top bloggers, terms to get acquainted with, and everything you need to help you get your blog launched. From picking a platform to the different ways you can make money with your blog, you’ll be ready to say, “See, mom. It’s a real job!”

So let’s get one thing straight first though: “Blogger” is not a bad word. You may have heard people in the past put down blogging as a frivolous way to spend your time or that blogging is purely a vanity project. But let us tell you know, being a blogger is no longer simply a hobby. Blogging has the ability to be a serious profession and it’s time to strip the word of any negative connotation.

Make money blogging for beginners

There are so many bloggers out there right now making a living for themselves and their families with only their blog. They’re putting in the work, showing up every day, and building their business one blog post, one product, one service, and one course at a time.

These people have turned to blogging to find freedom in their work, to be their own boss, and find ways to use their creativity and passion to create a new way of life for themselves.

But blogging is not for the faint of heart. It’s hard work and requires dedication, time, and a lot of passion for your topic and your audience. In this Toolkit you’ll find beginner blogger tips to help you understand more about what is really required of you to create a successful blog.

Advantages of blogging

Connecting a consistently updated blog to your business gives you so many advantages over businesses without blogs. They help you tell your story and your brand’s story in a personal way. Blogs can position you as an expert (which, by the way, is who we all want to buy from) as you continue to teach your readers about your core topic. Blogs help you attract your ideal customers, and become an industry thought leader. And most importantly of all, blogs help you build your email list– which you’ll soon find out is your most import asset as an entrepreneur.

Start your blog today

Ready to jump on those advantages? Yes, blogging will take time to get the hang of, it will require quite a bit of your creativity, but you can do it! Starting is simple. Take some time and start reading some of the blogs below and find out if you’ve got what it takes to be a blogger.

What you'll learn

  • How to be a successful blogger
  • What being a blogger truly means
  • How to set up a blog
  • How to start building your email list
  • Advice from professional bloggers

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