Current openings

Senior full-stack engineer

You'll be part of our awesome engineering team, helping to build our product. We primarily use Rails, Mysql, Redis and Sidekiq to get the job done. We're facing real (fun) scaling challenges because of our incredible growth. Ideally, you've been there, done that before.

We're also looking for someone who cares deeply about writing clean, maintainable, well-tested code, and generally tends to leave code in a better state than when you encounter it.

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Product Support Specialist (Remote-Contractor)

We are looking for awesome people to join our Support Team! Our Support team is vital to our engagement strategy. Engaging with customers quickly via onboarding and retention initiatives are vital to the success of ConvertKit. As such, we're deepening our coverage to produce greater availability and shorter wait times regardless of time zone.

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WordPress Plugin Developer (Contract)

ConvertKit is hiring a full-time (40 hours / week ) contractor to continue to build, support, and maintain our suite of plugins for WordPress.

In this role, you'll be doing the following:

  • Refactor our plugins to be well-tested, well-factored and easily maintainable.
  • Address any current outstanding bugs + issues.
  • Continue to build out documentation for deployment, installation, and upgrading.
  • Ensure our PHP SDK is well-factored. Integrate ConvertKit's PHP SDK with all of our plugins.
  • Execute on our product roadmap for building new features into our plugins.
  • Help our customer success team with thorny technical issues relating to the plugins.

We expect the work to be full-time for at least a few months, and then should taper back to 20 hours / week of support / maintenance.

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