The ConvertKit Landing Page Challenge • January 2020

Kevin Montoya grew his email list and won $10,000!

Kevin Montoya
Kevin Montoya Certified Strict Strength Coach
Kevin's winning landing page

Over 10,000 creators joined the 2020 Landing Page Challenge in January

It was so thrilling to see all the amazing dreams you beautiful people are working on! We challenged you to build a creative and compelling landing page that could grow your business by growing your email list, and WOW. Your ambition, creativity, vision, and passion for your work is inspiring.

After looking at subscriber growth numbers, conversion rates, and all the many creative aspects of your landing pages, Kevin Montoya’s took home the big prize.

Kevin’s landing page promoting his Certified Strict Strength Course course had a very impressive conversion rate for the month of January. But on top of that, his compelling headline and copy, use of background imagery, and his exact knowledge of his target audience earned him a spot in first place.

As our grand prize winner, Kevin not only wins $10,000, he also receives a free year of ConvertKit and a whole year of coaching with one of our account managers to help grow his business.

Congratulations, Kevin!

But he wasn’t our only winner. With over $19,000 worth of prizes, we had to share the love.

Scroll down to see all these amazing creators and the big dreams they made happen in January.

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The 50 subscriber tier

Our winners who grew their list between 26 and 50 subscribers receive $1,000 cash and a free year of ConvertKit.

Eirlie Chisholm See landing page
Ashlee Anderson See landing page

The 25 subscriber tier

Our winners who grew their list between 11 and 25 subscribers receive a free year of ConvertKit.

Families Go Abroad See landing page
Melena Reid See landing page
Olanrewaju Olamide See landing page

The 10 subscriber tier

Our winners who reached 10 subscribers receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

Kristen Bor See landing page
Paul and Jordan Aspen See landing page
Grants Republic See landing page
Jenn Sembler See landing page
Caitlin Cady See landing page
Spoken Garden See landing page
Cindy Childress See landing page
Dani Trudeau See landing page
Nicole Smith See landing page

Bonus prizes

In addition to our landing page winners, we also awarded TC Headley our Community prize for earning the most engagement points in our ConvertKit Community, and Jennica Joyce, Charlotte at Elevate Workshops, and The Rmitchi Community received our three Referral prizes for referring at least 5 friends who created ConvertKit Free accounts. Each of these winners received $1,000 cash.

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