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The average American spends nearly 40 hours a week watching videos.

That's a staggering statistic. Just think about that for a second. It's almost as much time as we spend working. Or, if you're a parent like me, listening to Baby Shark on repeat.

It's no wonder, then, that so many online creators are turning to video content for their marketing. A recent survey found that 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and 95% plan to increase (or maintain) their video investment in 2020.

I know, I know—you're probably thinking about creating videos for social networks or YouTube. But there's another option that can be a hidden gem for your online business.

Video landing pages.

Adding a video to your landing pages lets you fit all your personality and wisdom into one page. A great video landing page shows off your product and connecting with your audience in a way that just isn't possible through the written word.

Getting started with video on your landing pages might feel bewildering at first. But, with a few best practices, some stellar video landing page examples for inspiration, and the right tools, you can have your first video landing page up and running in no time!

What are video landing pages?

A video landing page is simply a landing page that includes a video of some sort to help convince visitors to take action. That video could be:

  • Product explainer videos
  • Customer testimonials or other social proof
  • Video sales letters
  • Dynamic backgrounds or video splash pages

To show you what I mean, check out these video landing page examples built in ConvertKit:

Examples of video landing pages created in ConvertKit. Images via TwoHeads Consulting and Matt Ragland
Examples of video landing pages created in ConvertKit. Images via TwoHeads Consulting and Matt Ragland

Videos are usually embedded within the page using a standalone video player like Youtube or Wistia.

Why use video on landing pages?

It's no secret that landing page videos have gotten a bad rap.

(Go sit in a library, open up a landing page with a loud video on autoplay, and you'll see what I mean.)

But while videos may have been a “take it or leave it” option for online creators in the past, they're fast becoming an essential part of growing your audience.

“Small businesses have limited time for their marketing,” explains Lee Kemp, the founder and managing director of UK-based film production company Vermillion Films. “The smart ones put the most resources into the things that they think are of the most value to their clients.”

For Lee's clients, that value comes from video. Since founding Vermillion in 2011, the small-but-mighty team of five has shot videos across the world for clients of all sizes, most notably Jaguar Land Rover, Philips, and Real Good food, generating millions of views and glowing recommendations from their clients.

But you don't need big-name clients like these to make a splash with video. Here are a few reasons you should be using video on your landing pages:

Video helps visitors develop trust and familiarity

Every sustainable online business is built on trust—and video is an honest and genuine way of building trust with your audience at scale.

Showing the people behind the business can set the foundation for a long-lasting (and profitable) relationship with your audience. Video instantly gives your audience a sense of who you are and whether they want to buy into what you’re selling.

“It's pretty easy to put together a landing page,” Lee explains. “But putting a video on there shows that it isn't something that's been thrown together as an afterthought. If I'm taking the time and effort to put [a video] together for this landing page, then it clearly means that I, as someone who is trying to sell you something, believes in the idea that I'm trying to sell you, the customer.”

“Putting a video on there shows that it isn't something that's been thrown together as an afterthought.” – Lee Kemp, Vermillion Films

For example, check out this video landing page from Steve & Kate's Camp. Steve & Kate's Camp quickly establishes trust with visitors by showing off the fun activities kids experience at camp, and the friendly and engaged staff running the camp.

Steve & Kate's Camp uses a video landing page to build trust with parents.
Steve & Kate's Camp uses a video landing page to build trust with parents. Image via Steve & Kate's Camp

It looks like so much fun, it's too bad they don't offer camps for adults.

Video lets you explain complicated products or services quickly

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words—but according to Forrester, a video is worth closer to 1.8 million words.

Videos can walk visitors through your product or service more thoroughly than what's possible with just text. Even a short video can explain complicated product details in a more engaging way while giving viewers a feel for what your product looks like and how it works. It's a big part of why four times as many consumers prefer to learn about a product by watching a video.

The more complex the product (think software companies), the more effective video becomes. For instance, check out this excellent video landing page example from the team behind the project management tool Plutio:

A video landing page example from SaaS company Plutio
A video landing page example. Image via Plutio

The demo video lets Plutio show off the product and get visitors excited about signing up for a free trial, without forcing them to read a list of features and benefits. Smart.

Video helps you build a human connection with your audience

Reading can be informative, but a video is alluring. Tying visuals, sound, and speech together into an attractive and informative video wake our brains up, generating a more emotional reaction from visitors than a static landing page.

“Because of the depth of the medium,” explains Kristen Craft from Wistia in her post on building relationships with video, “you can express the full range of human emotions, explain things in great clarity, and generally appeal to the viewer’s humanity. And, best of all, one video can speak to thousands of customers.”

This video landing page from UK-based home childcare business Tiney is a delightful example of how video can build an emotional connection:

This video landing page example from Tiney uses emotion to establish an emotional connection with visitors
This video landing page example from Tiney uses emotion to establish an emotional connection with visitors. Image via Tiney

Combining video of happy families with informative, “talking-head” style sections gets visitors excited to try the service, boosting the chances that they'll sign up.

Video landing pages can help boost sales and conversions

Of course, the end result of any landing page should be to drive more conversions, sales, and signups—and when it comes to conversion rates, video works like gangbusters.

First, people pay more attention to videos. A study from Wistia found that people spend 2.6x more time on pages with video than those without. Content trend data from Hubspot also shows 62% of respondents pay close attention to video content, versus only 27% for blog articles.

Data from Hubspot shows most visitors pay close attention to video landing page content
Data from Hubspot shows most visitors pay close attention to video landing page content. Image via Hubspot

That increase in attention leads directly to increased signups, sales, or event registrations. According to the latest video marketing statistics from Wyzowl, 83% of video marketers say video has helped them generate leads, and 80% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales.

So while it's true that video landing pages might take more effort to create, the results are well worth the investment.

Video landing page best practices to maximize your conversions

These days, tools like ConvertKit make creating a landing page quick and easy.

But adding a video to your landing page? Suddenly the stakes feel much higher.

On top of following all the best practices for a traditional landing page, you now have the added weight of making your videos (and yourself!) look great on camera, keeping your visitors engaged and entertained, and using your video to drive conversions.

Fear not—I've got your back. Here are the top video landing page best practices you should follow on your own video landing pages, along with some of the best video landing page examples and a few tips for landing page videos from online creators to help you prevent unwanted video embarrassments and maximize your conversions.

Keep your videos short and sweet

Humans have short attention spans—your videos need to capture visitors' attention quickly and keep them engaged until the end. And that end should never be too far away—Wistia recommends keeping your landing page videos under 2 minutes long to maximize engagement.

Video landing page engagement drops off rapidly after 2 minutes according to Wistia
Video landing page engagement drops off rapidly after 2 minutes according to Wistia. Image via Wistia

Check out this video landing page from Fed+Fit, suggested by Kaitlin Senter of Striking Conversation:

this video landing page from Fed+Fit

“This video SHOWS me what my life could be like if I bought (& used) this cookbook,” Kaitlin explains, “without taking me on a long journey.” The video grabs your attention right away, mixing informative content with alluring cooking shots to keep you watching until the end. And at one minute and twenty seconds, the video length is spot on.

Don't use auto-play

As more online businesses have added video to their landing pages over the years, a lot of people have started to set those videos to play automatically on load. On some sites, these videos are embedded in the page and set to play automatically on load. On others, they make up the background of the entire page, like a splash page with video.

While it might seem like an exciting way to kick off a visitor's journey, it usually causes more harm than good.

This blog post from Wistia lists a few important reasons to not use auto-play on your videos:

  • Auto-play videos can slow down your page load time, making visitors more likely to click away before reading your landing page.
  • Auto-play videos make watching the video the main action on the page, distracting visitors from completing your desired action.
  • Landing page video backgrounds make it harder for your brain to locate and choose relevant links, making an otherwise simple task of navigating the page more difficult.

This video splash page from Toggl Plan might look cool at first, but check out how hard it is to see that purple CTA button against the moving purple conveyor belt:

Don't use auto-play background videos on your landing pages
Don't use auto-play background videos on your landing pages. Image via Toggle Plan

Don't use auto-play background videos on your landing pages

The one exception to the rule? When you're using a short clip (without sound) as an animation to grab attention. Here's a better example of auto-play animation from marketing automation tool Autopilot:

Autopilot uses subtle video animation to capture attention on their landing page
Autopilot uses subtle video animation to capture attention on their landing page. Image via Autopilot

It's fine to use a short clip to capture visitors' attention, with the option of watching the whole video. Otherwise, try to avoid auto-play video.

Make your customers the hero

People don't buy products—they buy better versions of themselves. The best landing page videos don't talk about features. Instead, they show viewers the superpowers they'll get from buying your product, attending your event, or joining your list.

“Don't make the video about you,” explains Will Azevedo of VloggerPro. “Make it about your audience and how they can benefit from what you have to offer.”

Tushar Jain of OnPageChamp backs this up. “Don't just showcase your product features. Give more importance to your user's pain point and less to your product, and it will immediately connect with your audience.”

Watch the first few seconds of this video from Stickermule, and you'll see what I mean:

Stickermule's video landing page explains how their customers benefit from using their stickers
Stickermule's video landing page explains how their customers benefit from using their stickers. Image bia Stickermule

The video doesn't try to sell stickers—it focuses on what Stickermule's customers can do with custom stickers. By showing off three different stories, Stickermule manages to sell their product without “selling.”

Make your videos look a million bucks

You don't need to spend a fortune on video equipment to make a successful video landing page. In fact, spending less on video makes it easier to achieve a positive return on your investment. “Lady Gaga shot her most recent music video on the iPhone 11 Pro,” explains Lee Kemp. “If it's good enough for her, then it's probably good enough for your marketing video.”

“Lady Gaga shot her most recent music video on the iPhone 11 Pro. If it's good enough for her, then it's probably good enough for your marketing video.” – Lee Kemp, Vermillion Films

Choosing the right video equipment can feel overwhelming, but it's easy to get started on a budget:

A few other quick tips for how to look (and feel) good on camera:

  • Choose your lighting carefully. Even if you don't have professional lighting, placing yourself in front of a large window does wonders for the quality of your video.
  • Always use a script. It's easy to believe you can just “wing it” while recording, but having a script ready ensures you stay on-topic and help your video flow more smoothly. Wistia has an excellent script template right here to give you a head-start.
  • Ask for feedback. If you’re really serious about getting better and more comfortable on camera, then send a video to someone whose opinion you respect and ask for honest feedback.

Don't just rely on video

“Don't try and recreate the whole landing page in the video,” Lee explains. Instead, use the video to supplement the copy, call-to-action, and other essential elements. Your landing page copy should convey the same message as your video—that way, people can choose the format they prefer.

You should also choose a landing page design that looks great and works across all different screen sizes. ConvertKit's landing page builder takes the headache out of creating a great design, letting you choose from a range of free video landing page templates that look great and show off your filmmaking prowess.

ConvertKit includes prebuilt templates for video landing pages
ConvertKit includes prebuilt templates for video landing pages

Beyond giving visitors multiple ways to consume your content, descriptive landing page copy is also essential for accessibility. “Many users might be using devices that aren't media-friendly, or they might be in a low connectivity zone,” Swadhin Agrawal of DigitalGYD explains. “That's where well-designed copy (usually below the video section) will help improve conversions. Even if it's not very long, make sure to include at least the best parts of the video in the copy.”

Make sure you end your video with a clear call-to-action

Your landing page needs to have one clear goal:

Don't be shy—use your video to ask visitors to complete that goal.

“The most important thing to remember in online video is its purpose is to drive the next action,” explains Lee. “Define the next action and push toward it. Are you asking people to put their credit card details in, or get a callback? Ask for it.”

Brendan McConnell of Premium SEO NZ agrees. “Whether or not you use video, your landing page should offer a clear benefit and incentive for why the visitor should fill out your form … Video should be used to expand and complement this content, rather than replacing it.”

For a great example of how to integrate your CTA into your video, look no further than this video landing page from River Pools and Spas:

This video landing page from River Pools and Spas integrates the CTA directly into the video
This video landing page from River Pools and Spas integrates the CTA directly into the video. Image via River Pools and Spas

As Brendan explains, “This landing page uses video to brilliantly get past the most common barrier to getting visitors to convert on a landing page: people are reluctant to fill out a form because they don't want to be harassed by a salesperson. River Pools and Spas addresses this concern head-on by first acknowledging the pain point, and then walking the viewer step by step through what they can expect when they hit submit. This transparent and friendly approach does wonders for removing this barrier and opening a dialogue with the visitor.”

Repurpose your landing page videos elsewhere

Even short videos can be difficult and time-consuming to create. So to get the most bang for your video buck, don't forget to reuse and repurpose your videos in different formats and across different platforms. As Lee explains, “The hardest part is getting the filming done—once you've done it, make the most of it!

A few ways you can repurpose your footage to maximum effect:

Lights, camera, conversions

At the end of the day, there's no one formula for creating the perfect video landing page. Your audience is different from mine, or Lee's, or the other video experts we spoke to for this post. Finding the right combination of video, copy, and design means experimenting with best practices (and steali… ahem, taking inspiration from some of our examples of landing pages with videos).

But there's one undeniable truth: landing page videos can help motivate visitors to take action, giving you a better return than a traditional landing page. Yes, creating videos is more work. Yes, you might feel embarrassed for a short while. But I'd encourage you to push through and give it a try—create your first video landing page in ConvertKit for free, and start growing your audience today.

That's a wrap, folks.

I want to build a video landing pages

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