What's the Difference in Tags & Segments?

Here at ConvertKit, it’s all about subscribers

It may be a little jarring, coming from a list-centric provider to a subscriber-centric one. But it’s also very liberating!

You see, we never count a subscriber more than once. Even if they bought 1000 products or signed up for every lead magnet. You only pay for the actual, real people on your list, not the number of email addresses.

Ok, so how do I keep them organized?

Tags and segments are an email marketer's best friend!

Tags let you group subscribers, in whatever way you want. Maybe they all clicked a link. Maybe they’re all customers of a certain product. Whatever you decide, a tag is the best way to organize people.

Segments let you organize your tags, forms, and sequences–like a folder or saved search. You can find subscribers with multiple tags, forms, or find subscribers that don't have any tags! Segments are a fantastic way to filter your subscribers as specifically as you want!

Nathan wrote an article about how to segment your subscribers. This is a great place to start if you are looking to replicate an old funnel, or create one from scratch.

Have any further questions about tags or segments? Check out our knowledgebase, or hit ‘reply' to this email!

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