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Money matters: How to run a profitable online business

It’s not always the easiest topic to discuss, but how you handle, use, and protect your finances can make or break your business. In this issue we’re tackling some of the basic, need-to-know money questions for new bloggers as they explore how to run a business online.

    Part 1
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    Whether you think it’s the root of all evil, the driving force of human society, or just a means to keep living, money is and will most always be an important part of our everyday lives. It’s how we travel, keep a roof over our heads, and put food on the table. But even though it’s so integral to everything we do, there’s still a stigma hovering over it.

    Talking about money is still a taboo subject to most people. We don’t share the numbers of our salary, how much our homes cost, or the bills we rack up.

    I don’t know if that’s something passed down through the generations or where it even started, but talking about money makes people uncomfortable, plain and simple.

    But I don’t think it should.

    Now I’m not saying you should start blasting your income to all your friends– you’ll definitely get some uncomfortable stares and “Will she ever shut up?” body language back.

    It’s not about being braggy about money. What I am saying is that it’s time to bring money to the overall conversation because how you relate to money will determine how you use it.

    The way you feel about how you make, spend, and use your money says a lot about you as a person and as a creator.

    Are you proud of your work?

    Do spend your money on things that are uplifting?

    Are you using it wisely to plan for you and your family’s future?

    Or are you constantly waiting to hit some magical number you deem enough, before you think you can finally lead that life you want?

    I can guarantee if that last statement feels true, you’re going to spend too much time and energy with the wrong mentality.

    That’s why talking about money is so important. You need to learn how to use what you’ve worked for to the best of your abilities.

    This issue of Tradecraft is about helping you do that as an online creator. Money may not be the trendy or sexy thing to talk about, but it’s honestly one of the most important aspects how to run a business. You need to know how to use it, when to use it, and how to do some good in the world with it.

    So let’s talk money.

    – Dani Stewart

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    Dani Stewart

    As a daughter of an entrepreneur, the wife of an entrepreneur, and an entrepreneur herself, Dani has lived and learned all sides of creating and growing businesses. She is excited to bring all that life experience as well as a decade of crafting content to the ConvertKit community. She is a part-time baker, dinner-party planner, and lover of good bourbon living the simple life in Nashville with her husband, Sean.