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We’re in the middle of some unprecedented times, my friends.

For the time being many of us, regardless of our global location, are being advised to shelter in place in an effort to slow the spread of this unfortunate and daunting disease.

In the midst of so much uncertainty and fear, it can be difficult to point out happy moments, however, we would be remiss if we didn’t recognize the beautiful ways our world is coming together to combat this and ultimately bring joy to our neighbors and foster a deeper connection within our communities.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen the world unite in such unique ways. From rooftop workouts and balcony sing-a-longs, all over the world, people are sharing their gifts with their communities.

Bands are live streaming concerts, dance studios and gyms are keeping us fit with online classes, and everyone from celebrities to teachers are reading books to captivate our children.

The sense of unity and togetherness is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

And we’re excited to join our global community to inspire, educate, and entertain with our new series – Creator Sessions.

What is Creator Sessions?

For so many in the creativity industry, this pandemic has led to loss of income. Shops and restaurants are closed. Expendable income is short. And many have lost their jobs.

We want to help bring as much light as possible to our creators in this time. And setting up a live event to help them keep doing the work they love is exactly what we are excited to announce.

Creator Sessions is our free, weekly live series featuring different ConvertKit creators sharing their talents with the world.

Want a friend to cook dinner with? How about a motivational workout? Maybe you need some midday meditation?

We’ll be partnering with some incredibly talented creators to go live every Friday on YouTube to teach what they know and bring a bit of energy and creativity into your living room, kitchen, gym garage, and backyards.

Join us live

Our hope is that this series brings joy and cultivates community by sharing more creativity with the world.

So click the button below to find out who’s teaching this Friday and get reminders to join us live!

Grab your seat for the next Creator Session

Haley Janicek

Haley has been working in technology for close to a decade and still loves it. Here at ConvertKit she focuses her time on event strategy and business development. Before that she (played) and coached Division I volleyball which is where she got her passion to teach and coach. She has always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit and is loving the opportunity to share that with her three girls. Raising the next generation of strong independent women is her greatest accomplishment. When she is not hustling for ConvertKit or being a wife and mom she is working on her side hustle, Happy Happy Houseplant.

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