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Increase your Facebook lead generation with paid advertising

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It only takes a few scrolls on social media before a paid ad pops up.

But it doesn’t matter if you’re watching a video clip on YouTube, listening to a podcast episode, or browsing on Facebook. Every platform can be monetized with paid social media advertising.

But how are brands actually turning social media followers into paying clients and customers? They’ve simplified the process by using paid social media ads like Facebook lead generation ads.
Facebook lead generation

Why start an email list for your online business?

It’s hard to take a few steps into the marketing world without hearing people talk about email marketing.

Email lists aren’t just for big brands and retailers who sell a wide variety of products. It's is also beneficial for small business owners, freelancers, and bloggers who want to grow their income with niche products and services.

You can attract more of your ideal customers and turn them into lifetime customers by creating an email marketing strategy that educates them and inspires them to take action.

Still not sure if it’s the right move for you? We think you’ll be convinced after reading through some of the main benefits of investing in your email marketing early on.

why start an email list- you own itYour email list is something you own

If Facebook or your favorite forum vanished tomorrow, how would you connect with potential customers? Too many bloggers put all their eggs in one basket, leading them to monetize their brand using only free marketing channels.

With social media, you have no control over algorithms or features it offers. You’re at the mercy of any changes the platform wants to make.

If you put more of your energy into building an email list and using social media as a way to convert followers into subscribers, you’ll always have a direct line of communication to your audience no matter how other platforms change.

why start an email list- connect with your audienceYou’ll build lasting connections with your audience

When someone joins your email list, they are giving you access to their inbox. This is a huge sign of trust from your audience because their inbox is private real estate. It’s the one place where people get to choose which brands they want to hear from.

We recommend using social media as a way to connect with your audience consistently and provide email opt-in offers to entice them to join your email list community.

Social media can act as your first impression while email marketing builds a lasting impression with your audience.

why start an email list- to monetizeIt’s easiest to monetize from an email list

Email subscribers are 15 times more likely to convert than social media followers, meaning that turning followers into subscribers is one of the most crucial moves you’ll make as an online business owner.

This is because your emails are more likely to have higher click-through rates since your email audience is more primed and interested in what you offer than people aimlessly scrolling through social media.

As you’ll see in the rest of this article, social media is a great tool for introducing yourself to a new client or customer lead, but the power is in getting them on your email list.

How to increase Facebook lead generation with paid advertising

We’ve talked about how important email marketing will be for your blog and business, but the trick is in optimizing how you attract subscribers to join your email list in the first place. One of the best ways to do this is by having a presence on the social media platforms your target audience members are already spending time on.

Now that Facebook only shows two to three percent of organic content to your page followers, it’s not surprising that more companies have been using Facebook ads to scale their email lists and sales. And it’s easy to get started since you get to control how much money you want to spend.How to increase Facebook lead generation with paid advertising

Advertising that doesn’t break the bank? We’re in!

Even as little as five dollars a day helped Buffer attract new monthly subscription customers. You don’t need millions of advertising dollars to see positive ROI from Facebook ads.

Before you set up your first Facebook ad, you’ll need to have the basics nailed down and your materials ready. Here’s what you’ll want to start with.

how to increase Facebook lead generation- know your nicheKnow your niche

In order to figure out how to approach the targeting of your first Facebook ad campaign, you have to first understand your niche.

You’ve probably heard this term before but a niche refers to the specific industry you’re in and how you differentiate yourself among competitors.

There are thousands of photographers across the country, but only a handful become online course creators who teach lighting, posting, product styling, or a number of other topics. The key is to find your specialization and know who you are marketing your offerings to. Solidifying your target audience is the next step of finding your niche.

All of these factors will help you go into Facebook ad targeting feeling more confident about how you will create your ad messaging and the demographics of who you want to market to.

how to increase Facebook lead generation- relevant keywordsChoose relevant keywords

With your niche in mind, you can brainstorm and research for relevant keywords to include in your Facebook ad. This will help you create an ad based on the behaviors, interests, and demographics of your intended audience.

You can even choose keywords that include the names of other pages your clients may “like”.

For example, a money mindset coach might add the keywords of Tony Robbins or Dave Ramsey because people who like these pages are probably interested in a money mindset offering. It’s all about getting creative and finding like-minded people.

If you only offered event planning services to brides, you could choose keywords within Facebook to help you target brides who just turned their relationship status to “engaged” within the last three months. You could also specify wedding inspiration magazine Facebook pages they might like. See how targeted you can get?

What if you’re not sure exactly which audience will be most likely to convert? Test it!

Creating a split test of different ad targeting demographics may help you see which audience is most interested in your product, but you need keywords in order to create these audience profiles within the Facebook ad platform.

how to increase Facebook lead generation- create eye catching graphicsCreate an eye-catching graphic

It’s important to note that with Facebook, the photo or graphic of your ad is far more important than the copy itself. As a copywriter, this makes me a little sad, but it’s true. Facebook ad graphics are said to determine 75-90% of the ad’s overall performance.

Seeing how crucial Facebook ad graphics are, it’s important to determine what your vision is for the ad’s imagery before the copy. This process is normally backwards for other copywriting projects but Facebook recommends de-prioritizing copywriting so you can focus heavily on your imagery.

Keep in mind that as you are creating your Facebook ad image, you aren’t allowed to have the text overlay take up more than 20% of the overall photo. This is because Facebook prefers images with little to no text to enhance their user’s browsing experience.

If you’re not sure if the text on your photo will be too big, you can use Facebook’s text overlay tool to test it.

how to increase Facebook lead generation- write action oriented copyWrite action-oriented copy with a strong CTA

I know I just said that copywriting isn’t as important as imagery in Facebook ads, but it still deserves some of your time and energy.

If you have a stunning image but your copy isn’t saying anything, people may not know what they are opting in for when they click the link.

You want to write your headline for the click. That means it should be clear and concise so when a social media user clicks into your Facebook ad email opt-in form, it all works together and makes sense. The rest of your copy should follow suit.

how to increase Facebook lead generation- create dedicated landing pageCreate a dedicated landing page

Once you have your copy, you can create a landing page that is specifically tailored to your Facebook ad audience. This will help you convert social media followers and visitors into interested, segmented email subscribers.

Your landing page will present your offer and include form fields to sign up for your email list. Try to keep your form fields simple with a “first name” and “email address” option because too many fields will distract and deter your visitors from signing up.

We highly recommend directing traffic to an ad specific landing page because a general homepage or even sales page won’t capture your audience’s attention like an email-focused landing page will. Keep your call-to-action simple with an email list sign-up form.

how to increase Facebook lead generation-use lead magnetsEntice your audience with a lead magnet

When an audience member comes from a Facebook ad to your landing page, you want the offer to not only match the ad but also entice them to sign up for your email list.

If you are creating a Facebook ad email around your newest product launch or a new service offering, think about what kinds of educational content someone who is interested in your offering may be interested in. Usually the topic can come right from your current audience or from market research.

Once you have this topic in mind, you can choose a format that works best for the information you want to deliver the new subscriber. Here are a few lead magnet types you can create:

  • Discounts: There’s a reason why so many brands use limited time offers and special discounts. It’s because they work! Everyone likes to feel like they are getting a deal on whatever they’re shopping for. But use discounts wisely and determine if they are the right fit for your brand. If you are known for being a high-end brand, this may not be a good fit.
  • Quizzes: Buzzfeed isn’t the only brand that is successfully using quizzes. Using a quiz builder tool like Interact, you can create an interactive experience on your landing page and quickly snag the visitor’s email address. Then you’ll follow up with their quiz results and an email sequence that leads into your sales funnel.
  • Email course: Through a free email course, you can send email lessons straight to your new subscriber’s inbox and they can access all the information in one place. It’s also a great way to prime your audience and get them used to checking their inbox for your content. This comes in handy when you are ready to make your sales pitch.
  • Downloadable freebie: Maybe you’d rather create an eBook, workbook, or worksheet bundle than an email course. No matter what kind of digital product you want to design, you can create a beautiful freebie that can be easily downloaded with one click.

3 tips for Facebook ad optimization

As you get ready to release a new product or craft a new service offering, you probably have your wheels turning on how you can add paid marketing channels to your launch strategy.

It’s a great way to capture leads from social media and turn them into potential customers and long-term email subscribers. This allows you to connect with them and market products or services to them again and again. When you start planning your first Facebook ad campaign, here are a few last things to keep in mind.

Choose your desired Facebook ad format

There are two main types of Facebook ads that you can explore as an advertiser. The most common kind can be found in your Facebook newsfeed, meaning it’s an ad that will populate between other posts that a user will see on their home dashboard. These take up more real estate on a person’s newsfeed and thus are more attention grabbing.

how to increase Facebook lead generation-use lead magnets

The other type of Facebook ad can be found on the user’s sidebar. This is a less obtrusive way to market an offer to your audience. But keep in mind that you must be intentional about the copy and graphic you use because it will be much smaller. We recommend testing with Facebook newsfeed ads first.

Create long-form content

Long-form ads can be a great tactic for attracting more email subscribers when it’s done well. If you can hold your audience’s attention with the story you’re crafting, you have a better chance at converting them.

We’ve seen long-form Facebook ads perform well for service-based business owners, passive income sellers, and coaches who want to use Facebook ads to tell a larger story. This doesn’t mean your Facebook ad should act as a sales page but rather a hook to get people interested in learning more.

Test a long-form and more concise version of your Facebook ad and see which performs the best. A little bit of experimentation goes a long way!

Use video when possible

Have you noticed that more brands are using Facebook Live videos and pre-recorded videos for their Facebook ads? Since imagery heavily influences your ad performance, it only makes sense that dynamic videos are even more successful than static graphics. Facebook ad optimization tips- use videos

To learn more about how to use Facebook videos in your ads, scroll through your own Facebook newsfeed and see how other entrepreneurs are using sponsored ad videos.

How are they delivering their content? Can you find any trends with how they’re recording content? How do they introduce their call-to-action?

You can learn a lot by the people who are already doing Facebook ads. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see their backend analytics to know how well their ads are performing. Instead, we recommend looking into Facebook ad case studies to see what works.

Start increasing your Facebook lead generation today

What is your goal behind your first Facebook ad campaign?

How you can optimize your Facebook ads through written and visual content to reach that goal?

What types of lead magnets can you create to entice your audience to join your email list that amplify that goal?

What type of Facebook ad format will get the job done best?

Take the time to think all this through. If you’ve done your work, your Facebook lead generation campaign will a success!

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Kayla Hollatz is a copywriter and content creator for creative entrepreneurs who want their words to connect and convert. Few things make her happier than ghostwriting for clients in her studio, aka her four-season porch with a lake view. She can frequently be found fighting Minnesota winters with a mug of hot chocolate in hand.

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