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The questions you need to ask when hiring a Facebook marketing consultant

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Hiring someone to manage your Facebook ads is intimidating…

They are going to be spending your money while you pay them to manage something you don’t know much about.

In order to choose the right Facebook marketing consultant, you need to answer two critical questions:

  1. Do you trust this person?
  2. Do they know what they’re talking about?

But how do you know if you can trust someone after only a few conversations?

How to trust a facebook marketing consultant

And how can you tell if they know what they’re talking about when you don’t know much about Facebook ads yourself?

I’m going to share the exact questions you should ask a Facebook ad consultant to see how much they know about Facebook ads, but first, let’s address this question of trust…

How to tell if you can trust your Facebook marketing consultant

Trust is built over time, but there are a few ways to judge your Facebook ad expert before you actually hire them.

Are they punctual?

When you interview your Facebook marketing consultant, did they show up on time (in person or for a video call)?

Life happens, but make note if they are late for your call or miss it altogether. They want your business, so if they aren’t responsible when they are trying to get paid, how responsible will they be once you’ve actually paid them?

how to find a facebook marketing consultant- are they punctual

Did they follow through on any promised deliverables after your interview?

After the interview, you might have asked for testimonials or some additional information. Did they send them?

Did they promise to send any case studies or a more detailed proposal in two days, but you had to follow-up after four days to get it?

So you already have to chase them down? Not great…

What do other people say about them?

Was the Facebook ad consultant referred to you by someone else? Ask that person about specific weaknesses. You would be surprised by what people will share.

Even though they referred the Facebook advertising consultant to you, when asked directly they might share helpful details. Sometimes a deal breaker for you is just a minor inconvenience for someone else.

Example: The person that referred the Facebook ad expert says they are great with managing ads, but tend to take a long time to respond to questions. Or…
Maybe they are incredibly responsive (which is why the referrer loves them), but they aren’t very sophisticated with Facebook ad strategy and mostly just take instruction. Great if the referrer has Facebook ad experience, but not so great if you need more help.
None of these signs have to be deal breakers, but you should be paying attention to them early.

how to find a facebook marketing consultant
The questions to ask your Facebook marketing consultant candidates

Your initial interview with a Facebook ad consultant should be their best impression, so they better be impressive!

So now you know how to get an answer to critical question #1: Do you trust this person?

But what about question #2: Do they know what they’re talking about?

Every business owner wants to know what questions to ask a Facebook ad expert because they don’t feel confident about their own Facebook ad knowledge.

But guess what?

If you don’t personally know enough about Facebook ads to already know what questions to ask, you don’t know enough to completely understand and judge their answers!

In fact, many people looking to hire Facebook ad consultants prepare so much beforehand that they end up dictating just what they want to say to the ad consultant.

Instead, you want to be listening for the specific questions they ask you.

OK… So the title of this post is kind of misleading. But it’s for your own good!

You think you need to know what questions to ask, but what you really need is to listen to the questions being asked.

I’ll share a few key questions that you can still ask potential Facebook ad consultants, but it’s the questions you hear when interviewing candidates that will really help you determine who is the best.

A great Facebook marketing consultant knows that success with your ad campaigns is only partly due to great ad management. A large portion of the success is due to your own marketing and sales funnels and how the ads fit within the bigger picture.

Saying no to a bad facebook marketing consultantIf you share all of the details about your business, your goals, and what you’d like to see with your ad campaign and the consultant then has no real follow-up questions… RUN!

If their only question is about when they can start… RUN!

If their only question is about how much you can pay them… SPRINT!

Before they can ever run your ads, a great Facebook ad expert will need to understand your business, your audience, and your own processes.

That means they will want to ask a lot of questions.

And guess what? That’s what you want too!

Inexperienced consultants will just say “sounds good” and do what you want… but that’s not why you are hiring them. You are hiring them so they can help you create an effective strategy and you can leverage their expertise.

The questions your Facebook ad consultant should ask you

You’re looking to find a Facebook ad consultant that will lead on strategy and not just sit back and take instruction from you. That means during the interview process, you want to see someone that can drive the conversation on the call.

This does not mean someone that talks the entire time. In fact, they should be asking you so many insightful questions (to really understand your business) that you talk for most of the call!

Here are a few key questions a great Facebook ad consultant should ask you during the interview process:

Have you ever seen success with Facebook ads before?

This lets them know if you’ve run ads yourself, with someone else, or never. If you have worked with another Facebook ad consultant before, they should also ask why you are no longer working with this person.

A good consultant will want to know so that they can be sure to avoid the same problems.

What are your goals with Facebook ads?

Maybe you shared that you’re looking to get email subscribers, but a great consultant will want to dive much deeper. Are you selling something later to these email subscribers? Why is a subscriber valuable to you? Etc.

What are your current conversion rates for your promotions?

Your consultant should be able to walk through your marketing funnel (opt-in, webinar, sales offer, etc.) and understand each piece of it. By understanding your current conversion rates, they should also be able to share a potential target cost per lead that could be profitable.

This question could easily take 20 minutes or more to discuss if they are really diving into your numbers and how your current marketing works.

This is invaluable as you get to see how they think through questions of strategy – and when done correctly, you will often learn something about your current marketing funnel.

Do you have a brand style guide?

Your Facebook ad consultant will be making the creative for the ad campaigns, so they should care that they are representing you the way you wish.

Do you have any questions for me?

You might have been asking questions along the way, but you’re looking for someone who is double-checking that they have addressed all questions or concerns you have. If they jump right into the sales pitch before they confirm that you are ready, they’re focused more on their business than yours.5 Questions a Facebook Marketing Consultant Should Ask You

The questions you should ask your Facebook ad consultant

See… I didn’t completely lie. I told you we’d be getting to what questions you should be asking potential Facebook marketing consultants!

Yes. The consultant should be asking a lot of questions and guiding the discussion, but that doesn’t mean you never get to ask questions.

But because you aren’t an expert in Facebook ads, you can’t give them a knowledge quiz and be able to reliably judge them. Instead, you’re looking to see how they think because you’re looking for someone that is strategic.

On to the questions…

What do you do when you launch an ad campaign and the results are poor?

Ad campaigns always have problems at some point, so you want to see how they troubleshoot in these moments.

  • Do they share a few different testing strategies (new images, new copy, segmenting audiences, etc.)?
  • Do they talk about working with you to examine tweaks to the offer?

Facebook ad success isn’t normally determined after the first campaign launch, but by how much you adjust your strategy once you have early data. You want someone that knows this and speaks to it directly.

How do you handle communication and reporting?

Does the candidate even have a standard reporting process for clients? Or is it via random emails and only in response to questions you have asked?

You’re looking to see that they have standard methods of reporting and client communication and that it aligns with what you would want to see.

How do you handle ad creative?

Not all consultants create ad images or ad copy and instead rely on you for the ad creative. Be sure to understand what they will actually do as part of their Facebook ad management so that you aren’t suddenly surprised once you start.

Have you worked with a client in my industry before?

Many Facebook ad strategies work across industries, but this open-ended question lets the consultant share examples of similar clients with you. If they say no–and don’t even offer an indirect comparison–this could signal their inexperience.

Even if an experienced Facebook marketing consultant has never worked directly in your industry, they should be able to offer some kind of comparison.

Example: You are a life coach selling a group coaching program. The consultant has never worked with a life coach as a client before, but they mention that they work with many online course creators that have a similar model (and then share a few of the strategies they have employed).
Hearing how these strategies could be used for your business should help you get comfortable.4 Questions to Ask a Facebook Marketing Consultant

Ready to find a Facebook marketing consultant?

Now you’re equipped with all the questions you need to make sure you’ve found the right Facebook ad expert for your business.

Don’t be afraid to ask these questions and even more if you have them! A good consultant will be eager to show their authority on the topic and have you feel comfortable and confident in hiring them.

Tony Rulli

As co-founder of Intentional Spark, a digital marketing agency for online business owners, Tony loves talking ads, funnels, and generally nerding out about all things business. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife (and business partner) Meg where they balance their love of craft beer and food with long, calorie-burning hikes in the woods.

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