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How to get noticed on Twitter

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To the uninitiated, Twitter can seem like a noisy, confusing platform.

Depending on who you follow you might see it as a constant stream of status updates, a way to keep a pulse on the news, or perhaps even just an RSS-feed full of links. Twitter is all of those things and more: it's on ongoing conversation.

That's why it can seem noisy; it's full of people talking!

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I've been an enthusiastic Twitter user for a decade now. I've seen the platform grow and change over the years, but it's still my favorite way to connect with like-minded individuals online. And as a YouTube creator, it’s an essential tool for building a deeper connection with my audience and driving traffic to my content.

As with many things in life, Twitter is what you make it! So I’m sharing with you my best tips for how to get noticed on Twitter and show you how you can use it to grow a community and increase the views on your blog.

Why Twitter is a conversation you need to be a part of

While it's true that Twitter isn't as widely popular a social network as Facebook or Instagram (Just 24% of US adults use Twitter, compared to 68% who are on Facebook and 25% on Instagram), it does have over 330 million monthly active users. And those users tweet a LOT. More than 500 million tweets per day in fact!

Twitter tips

Twitter has a very global user base, with around 80% of its users coming from outside the US, so it's a great way to connect with the world.

Unlike other social networks that were originally designed to connect you with people you already know, from the very start Twitter was intended to be used as a one-to-many communication. This makes it the perfect place to establish and build connections– especially in the creator community.

Where connecting on LinkedIn requires both parties to add each other by accepting a request, you can follow any public account on Twitter and respond to their tweets. It's just like striking up a conversation with someone new at a networking event. That's why it's my favorite way to network in the digital space.

It's also a great tool to use for getting inspiration. You can follow all of your favorite creators and the people who inspire you so that every time you check your Twitter feed it's full of people sharing their process and advice.

How to get noticed on Twitter

So how can you dive in and start to get noticed on Twitter? Let me share some of my tops Twitter tips.

What to tweet about

Whenever I meet someone who doesn't use Twitter, the most common response when I ask them why not is, “I just don't know what I'd tweet about”. Well, you can think of Twitter as microblogging; each tweet can capture your thoughts on a topic, share a little piece of wisdom, or even just an insight into your life.

Tweets are a max of 280 characters long so if you have something you want to share but it doesn't quite warrant a full blog post or video, go ahead and tweet it instead! I like to share what I'm thinking on Twitter as a sort of sounding board for my ideas. If I tweet something and it gets a good response, that tells me my audience is interested in that topic and I should pursue it further.

For many users, their Twitter feed is like an RSS feed; it's where they'll go to find links to interesting articles and videos from creators they're interested in. So as well as sharing your thoughts, you should absolutely be sharing links to your recent content, projects, and products too. And while you shouldn’t go overboard with this, because a Twitter feed moves quite quickly (there are 500 million tweets per day remember!) you can feel free to post a few times a day to hit different time zones.

Be professional…

Just as you would curate your content on your blog or Instagram, you should be mindful about what you post to Twitter. If someone visits your profile and the first tweet they see from you is a complaint to a brand about your order not showing up on time, that's not a great first impression.

Your Twitter feed is a reflection of who you are as a creator so make sure everything you post there is something you can stand behind and feel confident it represents you.

…but don't be afraid to show your personality!

Twitter tips - show your personality

That said, you're not a robot; you're a human!

Twitter can be a great way to showcase a side of your personality that your audience may not see in your longer-form content.

For example, I make videos about design and I stick pretty closely to that niche to build my YouTube following. But on Twitter you'll find me talking about other things I love too: music, food, skateboarding, travel. I'll tweet outfit photos, share my thoughts on a movie I just saw, links to content by people I admire… lots of things that I wouldn't make a video about but that, by sharing, helps my audience gets to know me better. So open up and show your followers who you are as a person.

Become part of the community

The best way to make the most of Twitter is to take part in the conversation: you don't want to be the person who walks into a room, loudly announces their latest project, then leaves do you? That's what it can feel like if all you do is post links to your work and talk about yourself.

Remember, Twitter is a conversation. And conversations can't be one-sided.

Twitter tips for success

Take part by replying to interesting tweets from people you follow and responding to people when they tweet you. Ask questions in your tweets so they're less of an announcement and more of a conversation starter. You'll benefit from this not just because you'll be seen as an interesting person to follow, but because you'll enjoy the experience of using Twitter more too.

The most common mistake I see creators making is treating Twitter as a dumping ground for links to their latest work, or scheduling a bunch of tweets to go out automatically in a ‘set and forget' way. If you want people to engage with your tweets, you've got to engage with them too. I promise you it will be worth your time!

I've met so many amazing creators through Twitter, and those are connections I would never have made if I wasn't an active user of the platform.

A great way to make connections in the community is through Twitter chats. These are moderated conversations on a certain topic that take place on Twitter at a set time. The chat leader will tweet the questions, and you'll respond with your answer using the hashtag for that particular chat (#lbloggers for example is a twice-weekly chat for lifestyle bloggers). Other users taking part will see your answer when they're searching the hashtag, and you can look through theirs too to find new people to follow and chat with.

There are Twitter chats taking place for lots of different niches, so do a search for something that relates to you and join in on the conversation.

Twitter features 101

Now that you know what you should be doing on Twitter, here's the lowdown on some of the features you can take advantage of to improve engagement and build your audience.


Unlike on Instagram, it's bad form to add a bunch of generic hashtags (like #travel #food #vacation) to the end of every tweet. Not only is it a waste of characters, but it makes your tweets harder to read.

On Twitter, hashtags are usually more specific, and they're useful for participating in discussions like #InternationalWomensDay or for events like #CraftCommerce (ConvertKit's annual conference for creators). You could even start a hashtag yourself to get your audience talking about a certain topic!


Tweets with images receive 18% more click throughs, 89% more likes, and 150% more retweets than tweets without. So when you're sharing a link to your latest blog post, be sure to post an image that relates to it too and you'll get more people clicking through.

Twitter percentages

You can also upload a video straight to Twitter. This is a great way to get people to watch video content because they don't have to leave their Twitter feed to see what you have to say.


You can use ads to promote your tweets to reach a wider audience. Promoted tweets can show up in the timeline of users who don't follow you and get their eyes on your project or product, while also encouraging them to hit the follow button.

Pinned tweet

You've got the option of pinning a tweet to the top of your profile so that when someone visits, they'll see that pinned tweet first in your feed. You should definitely make use of this option!

First impressions count and pinning a tweet that represents what you're about will help people decide if they should follow you. Personally, I like to pin a tweet about my most recent video and change it out each week.


Twitter features - pollA fun way to get your audience to engage with your tweets is to post a poll. Creators often use polls to let their audience to decide what piece of content they should make next, or to gauge interest in a certain topic. It's easy for your audience to vote in a poll, and it's a fun way to help them feel more involved in your content creation process.


Sometimes you've got something to say that takes a little more than 280 characters, or perhaps you want to follow up on something you tweeted previously; thats where threads come in! You make a thread by replying to your own tweet, and when the new tweet appears in someone’s timeline they'll know it is part of a thread. They can click on it to read the whole thread and get more context. Perfect for grouping thoughts or expanding on a topic.


While you can use threads to group your own tweets, Twitter Moments are a curated collection of tweets from any user that you can create. If you launch a new product for example and receive tweets from happy customers showcasing your product in their home, you could create a Moment to gather all these tweets together for others to look through.

Start connecting with your audience on Twitter today

Twitter is a valuable platform for you to be on as a creator, but don't just take my word for it. I tweeted out asking my audience what value they get from being on Twitter, and here's what a few of them had to say:

Not only does Twitter enable me to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the design industry it also allows me to see inside the process and minds of other designers I look up to.

Whether direct or indirect, there is constant encouragement and support.

I’ve been able to build my business from twitter – making connections with colleagues, get over bumps and hurdles I’ve encountered, education around my space, most of all, built friendships — I would say that without Twitter, not entirely sure I’d be doing what I’m doing today.

I stopped using twitter for a while because I didn’t really know how to use it well. But now I’m back on here to share works in progress, creative work by other people that inspires me, and to have more conversations about topics I care about.

I love the interaction with other people. You can reach and have conversations with so many people, whether that's people who do similar things to you or not it's such an interesting space.

If you follow the right accounts you'll be inspired by checking your feed, and be able to build good connections with people you admire by replying to their tweets.

Content you post on Twitter can be a little more free-form and less polished than in a blog post, or a video you post to YouTube which enables your audience to get to know you better. You'll get out of it what you put in, so make a conscious efforts on how to get noticed on Twitter this week and make the most of it.

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